Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twice Out East

Here is our official statement on the Twice Out East situation. Because we were not the first one's to publish this, people assumed that we were not aware. We were actually aware before anyone else, and we showed up at the sale to try to save her. Here is Victoria's statement in blue.

I’m sure if you are a regular reader of this blog you are well aware of “Lexie’s Story”. After we exposed a horse person turned bad (Evildoer#1), we inadvertently put ourselves and the LCC animals in harm’s way. This incredibly unconscionable, cruel being set about to “take us down”. She conspired with a friend of hers to do so. She set the friend (Evildoer#2) up as an adopter, paying her to lie to us to take these horses. Her friend (Evildoer#2) met the criteria for adoption, and left with two horses, only to turn them over directly to Evildoer#1. In less than a week (we hadn’t even had time to check up with the horses) these horses were brought up to the Sugarcreek sale by Evildoer#1. In addition to conspiring to do not only this, she (premeditatedly) took a razor blade to one of the horse’s inner lip. This was done in an attempt to render the horse’s tattoo illegible. Rachel high-tailed it the 2.5 hours to the sale house to get our horses. We were able to secure the freedom of one of our horses for the price of $175. The killer buyer wanted more money than we had on hand to “purchase” our Thoroughbred mare, Twice Out East. Luckily, he had no intention of sending her to slaughter house. His routine was to hold Thoroughbreds hostage (threatening to send them to Canada/Mexico) until a rescue could afford to free them. In this case, freedom cost over a thousand dollars. This was a horse that we showed CLEAR TITLE to at the sale.
Twice Out East is now safe in the hands of Greener Pastures rescue. The LCC put $300 towards her purchase price, and would like to thank everyone else who has helped us save her. We will be working with the ASPCA to prosecute all parties involved in this conspiracy to maim and murder. Things will be forever changed here at the corral. Never again will an adopter be “innocent until proven guilty”. We will assume that everyone is capable of causing harm until otherwise shown to be legitimate. All of this comes on the tail of losing our beloved vet AND our attorney. If you have ANY legal expertise in this area that you would like to share in regard to this situation, please contact us. In the mean time, we will update you as to what transpires on this blog. Pictures are included of Twice Out East when she was here, and at the sale house. There are also pictures of her sliced lip.