Friday, August 26, 2011

Photobook Fundraiser Project 2012

We are in need of high quality photos (jpeg formats) to be considered for our 25th anniversary photobook, slated for early Spring 2012.  We've had lots of OU photography students, journalists, media and former staff/volunteers come through our doors over the years, and I'm sure you've got a gem to contribute!  Credit will be given if your photo is selected.  General topics we are considering:  Laughter is Good Medicine!   The Darker Side of Rescue   A Work in Progress   The Last Chance Corral Family   Foal Season   A Lid for Every Pot  ....and then yet to be determined.  If you've got something dramatic, artistic, humorous...send it along with your contact information.  This is a project headed up by Karen (Caribou), so you can also cc: emails to with attachments (cuz the lcc computer is rather slooowwwww.)  The end result will ultimately be for sale on line, with some copies available at Equine Affaire 2012.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

Let's start the New Year off with a round of positive vibrations!  After a wonderful holiday season, filled with friends, food and festivities, we are back to preparing for Foal Season 2011.  It is only through YOUR support--friends, old and new, can we continue our mission to provide rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of abused, neglected, misunderstood and unwanted equine.  If we can intervene on the behalf of even 100 orphan foals, I will be happy.  (150 would make  me ecstatic!)  Please know that the part you play in these rescues is not only instrumental; it is vital.  We could not offer refuge and asylum without your support.  Let's rally around the positive energy that comes from within each of us to help those who can't help themselves.  Share our news with those near and far, so that we may find as many open hearts and homes for our equine friends.  Remember, Always help the helpless, Always love the horses, Always from the bottom of my heart...Victoria.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Delaware All Horse Parade!

Hey Everyone!
We are heading up to the Delaware All Horse Parade tomorrow!  If you are into horses, be sure to check it out... it is definitely something worth reserving a few hours to go and see!  We will be riding in it for the first time ever, and will be taking horses that are available for adoption as well as horses that have already been adopted!  If you are interested in riding your LCC Alumni in it with us, PLEASE give us a call TODAY so we can work something out!  If not, show up with your friends and family and cheer our horses on!
Happy Trails!
Last Chance Corral

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ponies, Ponies, Ponies!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Whenever we have space and are financially able, we like to go to sales and pick up some horses and ponies with potential. We usually go to Sugarcreek, but our involvement with recent horse repos there caused us to be "unwelcome"... for the time being at least. We decided that it was best to let those emotions subside for a little while and go to another sale. On August 14th, we went to the Mount Hope horse sale. As luck would have it, we were able to save 6 ponies! We hauled home that night in the rain and put them up for the night, anxious to see what "treasures" we found the next day (after the bute wears off, haha). Luckily, all of the ponies that we have are sound of body and mind and are looking for new homes! Check out the ponies on our website to see what could be trotting around in your pasture! They vary from 5 years old and green broke to 10 years old and child safe. Check them out... if you know of someone who is looking for a medium-large pony... we have it!
Here is a breakdown of who we have right now...

Shiraz: 8 year old 13hh black and white paint mare
Pleasure: 10 year old 13.2hh Haflinger mare
Yoder: 5 year old 14.2hh Haflinger gelding
Dazzle (Rose): 9 year old 14hh red roan paint mare
Daisy: 9 year old 13 hh Haflinger mare
Molly: 7 year old 13.1hh bay Haflinger X mare

We also just got two new TBs in... Precision and Possum... so check them out online... if you are looking for that special event horse... these guys are super special and are looking for a career that will get them in the limelight!

For those of you who are into the "smooth rides", you should definitely check out Carlita!! She is a 5 year old Paso Fino... typical Paso, just a sweetheart! She is bay and beautiful, and is looking for her next home to come and swoop her up for a lifetime of trails and fun!

Glory has been here awhile, and not because there is anything bad about her, but just because we are looking for the perfect home for her. She is a 21 year old Westphalian mare that has been there and done that. For anyone looking for a great hunter pace horse, this girl looooves the trails! She will not be adopted out to a home that will use her for lessons, though, she has been retired from that life forever. Like most gray horses her age, she does have cancer, but she has had the same unchanging lump since she was still in the show ring, and it does not affect her soundness at all! Give this girl a chance and see if you think you might be the perfect someone for this extra noble mare!

On another note, we will be heading to Delaware County's All Horse Parade in September! Everyone up that way should come on out and see the awesome display of horses that are in the parade... it's quite a sight! We will be in the parade with some LCC horses that are up for adoption!Here is a picture of Pontiac a few days before he was adopted... in the kitchen!! This baby is a super special member of our family, and we are excited to see how he grows up! Congratulations to his new family... you really have a good one! Pontiac's video will stay up on YouTube to show people just how awesome a nurse mare foal can be!! Search "LCC Pontiac" to see it!

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Delaware Classic Results!

Hey There Everyone!
The Delaware Classic this year was one of the smallest ever. There were only about 1/5th of the horses that are usually there, the extreme heat and big bugs discouraging anyone who actually showed up from having TOO much fun in the heat. Surprisingly enough, we were still able to make $18,000 at this fundraiser... thanks to all of you who "rallied" for the horses yet again! Wander was adopted, and Pontiac is still looking for his forever home. It was quite a shocker that no on e wanted him, but then again, he IS a paint, and hunters aren't usually too fond of the "colorful" guys. Not to worry, he will find his forever home, no problem! With a personality like his, what's not to love?

On another note, our next newsletter will hopefully be out by this Thanksgiving. This means that we should start... umm... LAST month. With all that there is to do around here, "that dang newsletter" always seems to get shoved back and postponed, until we are all here at the farm proofreading in between cleaning stalls and typing and editing until 2 in the morning. Procrastinators we are. Soooo, in an effort to have our stuff somewhat "together" by the time that our actual deadline rolls around, we are starting NOW. Well, we are trying to. This is where we need YOU. If you have adopted a horse or foal from us, PLEASE send us a picture of them doing something fun with you. If you want to write a short paragraph about your horse and what they mean to you, etc, that would be great too... and we will publish it in the newsletter!

Before and after pictures of our nurse mare foals are ALWAYS welcome... it's amazing how nice those cutie pies turn out! You would be surprised how many people come to the farm and say they don't want to adopt because they want to breed their {insert common breed here} mare this year for that "dream baby" they've always wanted. They don't want a "throw away" foal that doesn't have papers. We tell them "well, we can MAKE papers... if that's what you are really shopping for, haha". People don't understand that PAPERS do NOT make the horse. We have seen horses with papers that we wouldn't want to breed for ANYTHING, and have seen other grade horses that are just DROP DEAD gorgeous. We do try to convert these people, though, and with your help sometimes we do- and sometimes even find a home for a baby. I have brought out pictures countless times of YOUR babies all grown up to show these people that YES, these nurse mare foals ARE nice! If you have sent us an "after" picture, I have probably used your baby as an example!

So look at it this way, you are not only getting to show your baby off, but you are educating the public about nurse mare foals and how wonderful they CAN be, and in come cases, you might even be preventing another foal from being born.

Oh, and as a "horsie" public service announcement, it's HOT HOT HOT now and the BIG horse flies are out. If YOU wouldn't want to stand in the sun all day with big bugs attacking you, please don't make your horse do it. Make sure that your horse has shade during ALL hours of the day, and if your pasture is in the sun for a few hours, bring 'em in! I know that most horse sprays DON'T take care of the big bugs, but we found that Pyranha fly spray works for most of them. As you are filling your horse's water trough (with cool, clean water... even if it's clear, stick your hand in it to make sure that it is not too warm... that's just gross), spray your horses. Our horses mob us while we are filling the tubs here because they know they get a "cool down". Remember, they may be horses, but they like a cold shower as much as YOU do! I throw some ice cubes in their grain too... It gives them a cool quick treat to munch on as they are having breakfast or dinner.

OK, that's my preaching for the day, if you haven't been checking out our YouTube videos, it's something cute and lighthearted to do, and is well worth your time (yes, even if you have dial-up). So sit down and check them out!

PS. Someone is posting advertisements with tons of links that send you to Asian sites... DO NOT click on these links, because I do not know if there are viruses attached... so watch out. I have asked whoever it is to stop, and right now, I have just been deleting the comments. So please ignore them... Thanks, and sorry for the "blog clutter"!!!

Happy Trails!
Last Chance Corral

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Delaware Classic

Hey Everyone!
Here is a blog to remind everyone that our Delaware Classic will be help this Saturday (July 24th) at the Delaware Fairgrounds! Come on out with your Last Chance horses and parade them in the arena while Victoria reads their story over a loudspeaker!

Show up and show off your baby!

Here are the links to our foal "Picks of the Year"! Wander and Pontiac are big strong boys now and are absolutely STUNNING!!! These pictures are NOTHING... wait until you see them! For now, though, you can check out their YouTube videos...

Here are pictures of the boys now... they are pretty amazing, huh?

Click their names to see their videos!



Also, we have been doing videos of horses and foals available for adoption.
If you click on LCC's YouTube Channel, it will take you to all of our current and past horses for adoption!

Happy trails!
Last Chance Corral

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blogs are Rare These Days!

Hey Guys... I'm soooooo soooooo sorry that we haven't been able to blog recently. It is NOT because there is nothing interesting here going on at the farm, actually, it is quite the opposite. Babies, babies, and more babies make it difficult for me to sit down and type on the computer... and when I do, there is always something that I could be doing instead with the babies, so the blog has kinda been put on the back burner. I will keep trying to do it, though, but keep your expectations pretty low. Thanks!

Dear Blogger Pals,
I'm sorry to say that we have been unable to blog a lot lately. Foal season has us up against a wall with work. There simply aren't enough hours in the day. Yesterday, I started at 7am and didn't finish until 1am. We are all weary and a little burned out- but cheerfully go about our business (well maybe not so cheerful about all of the diarrhea). Instead we will offer you a selection of short videos put together by Rachel. Our dear friend John Chun sent us a video camera and the program to make movies, as well of daily offers of encouragement to make these shorts. We dedicate these to John.
Always help the horses,

To get to our "YouTube Channel", copy and paste this link:

OR, click HERE!