Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Delaware Classic

Hey Everyone!
Here is a blog to remind everyone that our Delaware Classic will be help this Saturday (July 24th) at the Delaware Fairgrounds! Come on out with your Last Chance horses and parade them in the arena while Victoria reads their story over a loudspeaker!

Show up and show off your baby!

Here are the links to our foal "Picks of the Year"! Wander and Pontiac are big strong boys now and are absolutely STUNNING!!! These pictures are NOTHING... wait until you see them! For now, though, you can check out their YouTube videos...

Here are pictures of the boys now... they are pretty amazing, huh?

Click their names to see their videos!



Also, we have been doing videos of horses and foals available for adoption.
If you click on LCC's YouTube Channel, it will take you to all of our current and past horses for adoption!

Happy trails!
Last Chance Corral

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