Monday, August 31, 2009

Show season is coming up for the Last Chance!

Hey everyone!

We are going to try something new and see if it is beneficial to the farm and our horses. On September 27th, we are heading up to the Hartford County Fairgrounds to go to a fun show! We are going to bring a few of our eligible horses that we have at the time and try to adopt out as many as we can at this event! Some of the horses will be entered in classes, but a few (Spencer!) will be there for the experience and the "show atmosphere". This will give us a chance to show off our horses to the public this year since we didn't get to take any to the Delaware Classic! If anyone has any ideas or is willing to help, let us know! We are always looking for another idea, so let us have it! Here is a list of the horses that are for sure going so far:
1. Prince- will be done with his layup and ready to perform!
2. Azrack- will be ready to go and will hopefully be sold at this show!
3. Spencer- if he's not adopted yet, he will be there for fun and experience!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel (Stretch)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Ultimate Trail and 4H Horse!


Rachel decided that Azrack was too good a deal to pass up, and she adopted him. He is her new 'project', and she will be training him to be "the ULTIMATE trail and 4H horse", and will put him up for sale when he is ready to go! If you would like to see him, he will be at a horse show in Croton, Ohio (near Johnstown) on September 26th and 27th. Call Rachel for more information on this horse! Serious inquiries only, please! (614)-271-5925!

Friday, August 28, 2009


There is a new video up of our new horse, Azrack. Azrack is a 10 year old Paint gelding that was previously a starvation case. He is at the Last Chance because his owner wanted to barrel race, and he doesn't want to do all of that runnin' around. He is a superb trail horse, and would make someone a great 4H horse. Check out his video and give us a call if you are interested. His adoption fee is $1200, and it will go toward foal season! Please help us make foal season possible this year, give Azrack a home.

Azrack's Video:

Below is a picture of Stacy riding Azarak. He is one special guy!
Nice horses like Prince and Azrack are fundraisers for foal season. We lose sooo much money on the foals, we need to make it up somehow. Adopting out nice horses is one way for us to continue saving the nurse mare foals. Come on out to visit anytime (just call ahead to make sure we are here!) to see what we do and what we are about. You will be blown away for sure!

Happy Trails,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cabin Fixin' on the Farm!

Hey Everyone!
Now seriously, who needs Tim from Tool Time when you've got the LCC girls? For the past few days, we have been grinding away at the cabin floor. We are laying down the long awaited hardwood floors- no boys allowed! (except for Howie). We probably will have another day's work in it before we are totally done, but when we are, it will look sooo nice!

Pictures from top to bottom: motion shot, goofin' off, workin' away, Victoria abusing me (as usual!), Howie doing noting, Victoria and Tracy goof off, our pile o' wood.

We got a new horse in today, and I am working on a video of him as we speak. Look for it tomorrow or maybe even today! Catch ya later!
Happy Trails,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday was my day off, and what do ya know, some pretty exciting things happened around here while I was gone! Howdy and Scout (a Shetland pony I haven't even mentioned with you yet) found a great home together going to PA. Turns out, they lived together for awhile before coming here, and they will be helping kids learn to ride! How awesome is that? PRETTY AWESOME, if you ask me!

A few days ago, Erin (a friend of LCC) decided to donate her big, beautiful warmblood to us. He is Percheron X TB, and has had training in dressage. He is a nice all around horse. A new baby quickly consumed all of her time, and Pern was suddenly second fiddle to the young member of the family. Erin decided to sell him to someone who would maximize his potential. She had him sold to someone for over $4k, but he WOULD NOT get into the trailer. The deal was broken, and she called us to come and take him. Victoria took Jill (trailer-loading is her 'thing') to go see Pern and to load him up. By the end of the session, he was loading all by himself, and with NO struggling. He went in and out of the trailer a few times before being loaded up for the final time and hauled to Last Chance. Erin bred and raised this colt, and she know everything about him. He likes bananas and long walks on the beach. Victoria has decided to make him her 'fall ride', and unless someone presents an amazing donation to adopt him, he is not for adoption until foal season rolls around! If you really want him, though, make an offer, you never know!
I am trying to make a video of him with the new software that John Chun bought us, so we'll see how fast I can teach myself the program. The video might be up later today, or possibly not until tomorrow. I will either finish it before feeding time today or get fed up and go ride Lil Guy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let Me Reintroduce you to RAFFLES!!!

Howdy Everyone!

Here is Raffles' story. We went to Sugarcreek, and Stacy jumped on the CUTEST little gray pony. Well... when auction time came around, we bid on our little gray pony. The pony we just bought turned out to be NOT the same cute gray pony that we tried and tested before the sale. The hammer fell, and we were the new owners- of this pony that we knew NOTHING about. Imagine our surprise when (4 or 5 ponies later) the little gray pony that we INTENDED to buy came through the ring. Whoops! After the sale, we go to round u
p Raffles, and discover that he was a 'problem child'. He was a three year old stud that was head-shy and nervous. In the trailer you go, little one! Off to the Last Chance Corral where you can become a 'good pony'.

Well, that was June, and since then, Raffles is now a gentleman (and a gelding). He went from being uncatchable in a stall to waiting at the gate of the paddock to be let in! He is still nervous, but Stacy has been riding him, and he is doing quite well. He leads, loads, trims, bathes, clips (with patience), etc. Because he is an honest-to-god rescue, his adoption fee reflects that. He has gained weight (amazing what some dewormer and good grain does!) and he has that cute little shine to his coat. He will be a nice little jumper pony
, or he could be your next barrel burner! Who can say? He is a workable piece of clay, waiting for you to come and be his true love. His adoption fee is $350, negotiable to a good home that will maximize his true potential. Come on out and see "Raffle d' Raffles"! Stacy is coming down tomorrow, and we will try to get a video of him up on YouTube soon! By the way... if there is anything you would like to see in our videos of the horses (bathing, trailer loading, etc...) please let us know so we can include it!

On another note, the Last Chance Corral is helping out a friend of 'the LCC family' sell some of his horses. With the economy, he has found himself with a few too many horses. There is NOTHING wrong with any of these horses, there are just only so many hours in the day. One of his horses is at the Last Chance Corral now, a three year
old Bashkir Curly named Lil' Guy. Lil' Guy is a 'curl-less' Curly, but other than his coat, he has all of the Curly attributes. Great feet, calm temperament, cuter than bunny fur... you know. I started this colt under saddle last summer, and let me tell you- he learns fast, and he has a GREAT mind! Willing and calm, this is the kind of horse that will make the rider look good. He is a touch under 14.2 right now, so he should mature at 14.3 or 15 hands. He is chestnut with a textbook star, strip, and snip. his lovable personality can be viewed at

This is a home video of him playing with a friend's puppy. Lil' Guy is sleeker (and taller) now... the video was taken last fall. If you would like to come on out and meet Lil' Guy- call me (Rachel) at (614)-271-5925 or Last Chance Corral at (740)-594-4336. Be sure to tell me that you saw him on the blog. We will get a video of him up in the next few days, and I will be training him daily until sold. Obviously, his price will go up accordingly. Right now, the asking price for this gelding is $1000 negotiable. Make an offer anyway if you are interested... you never know! This horse has had shots, has been wormed, feet trimmed, EVERYTHING on a regular basis since birth. He was imprinted as a foal, and was handled
regularly and properly since then. He loads, ties, hobbles, bathes, clips, etc, etc. Last summer I rode him quite a bit, and with less than ten rides on him, I was able to ride up to an outbuilding and bang on the tin roof with my fist without him moving a muscle. A beginner rider was on him once... just walking, but regardless, he was a perfect gentleman. No vices, just one quality gelding! This horse gets better every time I ride him, so don't miss out on this Lil' Guy!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel "Stretch"

Monday, August 17, 2009


NOTE: Spencer's adoption fee was lowered to $800 negotiable. The video will still say $1000, but his adoption fee was lowered. Call if you are interested! We have some interest in him, but no one will actually "make the jump" and adopt him.

Hey Hey Hey!

Since I haven't had any calls on Spencer, we made a video of him and all of his "mad skills" today. It was sooo much fun! Go to YouTube, and copy paste the link below. You can also search "LCC Spencer" get the video that way. Spencer needs a home. Your home could be his! So come on out after seeing his video! You won't be disappointed!

Victoria has been busy toiling with bricks and concrete in this extreme heat in the upper barn, and she needs a BIG pat on the back because she has been working sooooo hard. Over the years, horses' pawing has worn a ditch at the stall doors of some of the stalls, and Victoria is making a point to fix all of that nonsense.

Happy Trails!
~Rachel 'Stretch'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Destiny is Destined for Greener Pastures!

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the cheesy title for this blog, but it's so hot, that's all I could come up with. But seriously, Destiny found a new home today in Northeast Ohio. Thank you Alexandra, for adopting her! It's my day off, so I'm going to go mess with my horse, so I'll give you all a better blog tomorrow!
Happy Trails!
~Rachel 'Stretch'

Thursday, August 13, 2009

4-5-6 Pick Up Sticks!

Hey Everyone!

Here is a picture of the two LCC dogs... Valkry (left) and Rex (right). Val is Victoria's pride and joy, and puts in a solid 8 hours (sometimes more) of work every day. Rexie is just a ham, ad keeps everyone smiling. We are taking him outside with us as we are doing farm chores more and more, so maybe one day he can be a 'real live farm dog' too!
Anyways, today is a busy day... we started out feeding, cleaning stalls, etc. Then Randy (the best tree guy ever!) and his boys came out and started cutting down trees. In the back paddock, there were a bunch of trees that were constantly threatening the barn and passersby on the highway. Sooo, Randy and his crew cut ALL of the dead one down. We've been picking up sticks and fallen trees non-stop, and they're still sawin' away. Like everything around here, it's totally necessary, but costs money.

Let's all thank John Chun for stepping up (once again!) to help the Last Chance Corral. As soon as he saw the videos online, he called and offered to hook us up with the software to make the videos (legally)! Now, you won't see the little reminder in the middle of the video stating how we didn't pay for the program. Nice, huh? Thank you John Chun!!!

I think I am falling in love with Spencer. There are few horses that I get attached to here, and today, I think Spencer became on of them. There's no particular reason why, it's not like he did my laundry for me and I instantly fell in love with him (that would be cool, though)... he's just really grown on me (literally and figuratively!). That being said, one of you need to come and get him out of here before I am a lost cause. Spencer is definitely NOT "just another red nurse mare foal". He is special. Take it from me. I have seen HUNDREDS of nurse mare foals. Heck, I even have one of my own. It's not like I got bit by the "cute baby horse bug" or something like that, he is just that nice! You should just come on out and see him. Spend five minutes... or even thirty seconds with him, and you will see what I mean!

Here is Destiny's SECOND RIDE off of the track. I'm gonna say that again, just so you understand. This is Destiny's SECOND RIDE off of the track! Isn't she just fabulous? She is popping over small crossrails, and is doing extremely well. She is gaining weight (she was REALLY track fit) and is calming down a lot since being here and not being raced. She has a video on Youtube. Search for "LCC Destiny". If you have trouble finding it, search for "LCC Prince", and go to Last Chance Corral's 'other videos'... you will see "LCC Destiny"... there ya go! Her adoption fee is $750, it was raised from $500 as promised since she has been worked with, and her true potential is coming out. Let me know if you have any questions about her. She is friendly, gets along with everybody in the pasture, and is guaranteed sound.

Remember- ANY horse you adopt from us comes with a guarantee. You have two weeks to bring it back if it doesn't work out for you... and you will get your money back. The horse must be in the same condition (don't go bow it's tendon then complain that it 'just isn't working out', though). After two weeks, though, we will take it back anyways and work with you to find you a better horse. We are into matching people with horses, and believe that there is a lid for every pot, so we want to make sure that you (and your horse) is happy with their new partner.

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!

~Rachel 'Stretch'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Video!

Hey Everyone!

here is a new video... this one is of Destiny... I had someone that requested one, so we made it! On YouTube, search "LCC Destiny" and it should pop up. If not, let me know, and I will post the link on here!

Prince came home from the vet today! In four weeks he will be available for adoption, and YOU could possibly be his next partner in crime!! I'll post things regularly on here regarding his recovery.

If you haven't noticed, we lowered Spencer's adoption fee. He is now available for $800, negotiable. He needs a family, someone he can get attached to and love forever. If you are capable of opening your heart and barn to Spencer, PLEASE DO! He needs a family (and pretty soon, a job!).

Howdy's adoption fee is $700, and he is well worth it! Howdy is waiting for that special someone to come along and take him home! Please spread the word about him, he just needs another little girl (or boy!) to dote on him like he is used to!

That's pretty much all there is for today... there's not much going on here at the farm (compared to foal season). That is a good thing, though, so I'm DEFINITELY not complaining!

Happy Trails, The Horses are Calling!
~Rachel 'Stretch'

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off to the Vet We Go!

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Here is an update for everyone! Prince went to the vet early this morning, and received x-rays. Victoria took him there, and waited with great anticipation as the films developed. The results were phenomenal!! Besides his navicular problem, his legs were totally clean! What a miracle! Nerving him will, in fact, be the end of this horse's leg troubles. In four weeks he will be as good as new (even better, at that!) and will be available for adoption. If anyone would like to sponsor the surgery, give the farm a call!

That's all for now, if there is anything more entertaining to tell you guys before tomorrow, I will for sure!

Happy Trails!
~Rachel 'Stretch'

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Wants to Watch a MOVIE???

Howdy Everyone!

Or, go to and search "LCC Prince of Hearts"

Okay, here it is! My "technical skills" just jumped (or flopped) up to the next level. I can now do sale videos!!! Yay!!! If you watch this video, please please please do not base your opinion of us off of it. This is my first one ever, and since we didn't download any music off of the internet, I picked a cute song off of one of Stacy's CDs that was sitting in the Ford.

Another thing is... we are using an 'unauthorized' version of the movie maker program (as it clearly states), so until we can justify spending money on the actual program, you are all going to have to try to see through that text. Sorry about that. But here is the link to the video of Prince. We didn't really showcase his abilities too well because we just flipped the video button on the camera, we didn't think that we could actually do a public video. Other videos that I do will be better, I promise.

For those of you who are thinking about calling about Prince, here is what we are probably going to tell you: He is getting nerved on TUESDAY (tomorrow) and then he will require a 4-6 week layup. After that, he will be reevaluated, and an accurate adoption fee will be posted EVERYWHERE. We are not going to keep him from anybody, everyone will have a fair chance to adopt him. No one will know before anyone else. Whoever adopts him will go through the same interview process that we always require. That being said, PLEASE read the adoption requirements on our website, and make sure that you qualify.

Secondly, Prince is a NICE horse. We are not going to adopt him out for our usual "heck of a deal" adoption fee. He is going to be adopted out for what he is worth. Please don't try to talk us down, either, 100% of the proceeds from his adoption goes into foal season and other horses like Prince that need the chance that surgery could provide.

Thank you everyone for your interest, sorry that we can't adopt him out right now! Remember, patience is a virtue!

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!

~Rachel 'Stretch'

If You Can't Get Another REAL One!

This is the link to our ebay model horse. All of the proceeds go to the Last Chance Corral. Check it out! I'm busy right now, but I'll give you a better blog later on.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Are You Ready to be Blown Away?

Here are some pictures for your viewing "pleasure"...

Enough said, right?Oh, I guess I could talk about this WONDERFUL horse for a minute. Twist my arm, right? This is Prince of Hearts, a 16hh APHA gelding. He is 6 years old, and is a TOTAL lover! I know he doesn't look 16hh, but you have to remember, I am 6 feet tall, so I make ANYTHING look smaller than it actually is. Take my word for it, though, this is a big horse. Aside from his dashing good looks (check out his tail!!!), I can still talk for days about this horse's attributes.

Here's the scoop on him. As a two year old, he was started and used for eventing. You all read that right... EVENTING as a TWO YEAR OLD. Whoever did that should be beat about the head and banished from the horse world. Needless to say (but I'm going to say it anyway), Prince broke down. Who didn't see that coming? Now, whoever thought that it would be a good idea to event a 2 year old (I still can't get over that) was faced with the dilemma of what to do with a broken down FOUR year old.

They ended up giving him away to a wonderful lady who turned out to be this horse's godsend. Prince's NEW owner made sure that he had EVERYTHING that he could possibly need and want, and she started the long road to recovery with him, pouring hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into his feet alone. She babied him and took care of him for about 18 months, then it became hard for her to continue giving him the time that he needed. She decided to share in the joy of owning/riding Prince. Prince is now at the Last Chance Corral, and will be totally sound after he gets nerved on Tuesday. That way, he can continue to make people happy, and live his life to the fullest, without sore feet.

Children have ridden him walk trot, and he is GREAT on the trail and in the ring. Jumping is obviously never going to be his thing again, but this horse is a natural pleasure horse! We'll have a video up soon of him, but for now, here are some pictures. I rode him yesterday, but until he is recovered from his surgery, we cannot accurately assess him . That being said, we will not put an adoption fee on him until we see how truly awesome he is!

This horse was a gift to us, and his adoption fee opens a door that we haven't been able to walk through all year. Prince is the answer to countless prayers, and will help to keep the Last Chance afloat in this time of need. If anyone would like to give this horse the gift of comfort and sponsor his surgery (or even a part of it), give the farm a call. Prince will thank you, and the babies will thank you.

Happy Trails,

~Rachel 'Stretch'

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Just Tryin' to Keep on Truckin'!!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry there hasn't been a blog for a couple days... I took some days off, so I obviously didn't have much to talk about regarding the farm. You may or may not remember, but in a previous post, I have told all of you about Trucker. Trucker is one of our nurse mare foals that we adopted out 4 years ago, and when the owner obtained a non-horse related injury, they called asked if we could take him back. Being "one of ours", we said yes, and Trucker came back to the farm.

We started him under saddle almost immediately, and on day one, he was leading a trail ride, down the road and through water! Not too shabby, huh? This is REALLY an exceptional horse. He is built like a tank at 14.3, and his awesome blue roan paint color will not fade with age, as many do (including my horse!). He is great on the trail and in the ring, and is eager to please and really responsive. This horse is naturally quiet, and nothing really can freak him out.
He has had all of his shots, he has been wormed, and his feet have been manicured perfectly since he has been here.

He is a dream to work with, so don't miss out on your chance to own your very own nurse mare foal! We really wanted to keep him for awhile and sell him as a fundraiser, but making ends meet right now is becoming increasingly more difficult, so we are forced to let him go. He is worth every penny that we are asking, and even more at that! We obviously don't want to part with Trucker, but with foal season tapping us on the shoulder in a few months, we need to stockpile as much money as possible for those ever-so-demanding babies. If you or anyone you know would give this special guy a home, give the farm a call! Just think, in adopting this guy, you are giving countless babies a second chance.

Adoption Fee: $1000 (that's one heck of a deal!!!)
Stacey tried out the black TB mare (Destiny) the other day, just to see how she would do, and she was AMAZING! For being directly off of the track, she was extremely willing and responsive. She changed leads, walked, trotted, AND cantered calmly, and even went over a few crossrails! All this mare needs is a person that is excited to be her friend, and she will flourish. Because she is so exceptional, we are raising her adoption fee to $750. The longer we keep her, the more she will learn, and the better she will get. That being said, her price will also go up. She has the potential, and if you have that "teaching bone" in you, she will be your best friend and partner. Many people think that to get a classy hunter that moves nice, you have to spend a bunch of money. NOT TRUE! This mare screams class, and is a workable piece of clay waiting to be your masterpiece! Call us if you are interested!

Tilly got adopted today, and at this very moment, we have just enough stalls for the horses that we have. Good news? You bet, but then we remember that in about an hour, we have a new horse coming in. How come we always bring horses in at the same rate (or faster) than we adopt them out?!?!

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!

~Rachel (Stretch)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, How They Grow Up...

I know I keep talking about Spencer, and how he is such a wonderful guy, but I am going to devote yet ANOTHER blog to him and his stellar personality. Spencer is now doing "trail walks" (he's not old enough for actual trail rides, yet!) in the creek, down the road, and around the farm, and he is doing great! He bathes, leads, loads himself, etc, etc.
What more could you ask for from a youngster?? He is coming 4 months old, and has that "old soul" that everyone looks for in a prospect. I have been getting calls for some reason from people asking for foals, and right now, Spencer is the only one that we have. If you have been thinking about adopting a nurse mare foal for awhile, but are afraid that you are going to "mess it up" somehow, Spencer would be PERFECT for you! He is mannerly and is healthy as a horse (haha). He isn't pushy, but is not afraid of people AT ALL! His adoption fee is $800 or best offer, and he will only go to an extra special home (obviously... he's our baby). If you want to come on out and see Spencer, take a tour of the farm, and fall in love with something, give us a call!I'm going to go play with a horse, I'll talk to everyone later!

Happy Trails,`
~Rachel ('Stretch')

Zoomer Zooms Away!!!

Let's all say "Later Gator" to Zoomer. He is going to a WONDERFUL home up near Logan, Ohio. He will be used to teach three youngsters about horses, and will be doing therapy for one of them! How cool is that? An old, down and out horse that makes a terrific comeback, then turns around to change the life of not one child, but three? WAAAY COOL!! Thanks to the Ryan family for giving Zoomer an exceptional home forever! I will try to post something else today, but I can't go out to take pictures right now because I can't find any batteries for the camera! As soon as I do, I'll be out there, exhibiting my excellent (yeah right) photography skills. See ya later everyone!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel "Stretch"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Good News... FINALLY!!

Who wants some good news?? WE DO!!! I know that I have been getting all of our blog readers down in the dumps with a bunch of bad news recently, but here is finally some good news to report! Right when we thought the day was coming to a end, some people came to adopt both Workin' Girl (gray TB mare) and Sadie (Morgan mare)! They will be going to good homes, Sadie will be going to become a driving horse, as she matched her adopter's other driving Morgan. Workin' Girl will be pampered as well and started on barrels and trail riding. Congrats to their new owners, and thank you to everyone who spread the word about those mares!!!Here are some new pictures of Stoner (Rolling Stone)... since the picture on the website isn't too... becoming. Stoner is doing much better since his bout with pneumonia, and is ready to be adopted out now! He is a Walker X, but he trots, too. I'm sure that he would do the 'walker walk', but I haven't asked him to yet. I have ridden him a couple of times, and he is VERY responsive and mannerly. He is way more comfortable on the trail than in the ring, so we think that whoever had him before us just did trail riding with him. He has no vices, is up to date on his shots, worming, and feet trimming, etc. He responds to leg cues nicely, so he probably wouldn't be suitable for a beginner... he is just really well trained. Someone who is into trail riding and having a good time is going to love this horse forever. Come on out to see him and try him out! Let's all try to find Stoner a home this week. He has been here since June 12th (from Sugarcreek) and he deserves a place to call home.

Well, the horses are fed, and all I have to do is turn some of them out, then we'll call it a day here at the Last Chance Corral. Come on out and volunteer... we could really use your help!

Happy Trails,

~Rachel 'Stretch'

"Howdy" Y'all!!

Hey everyone!

Today is just another typical day at the farm. Victoria and I started at 9am, feeding, cleaning, mucking, tiling, doing office work, etc, etc... all while trying to answer the endless phone calls from people trying to donate their horses to us.

For everyone's information, we are so overloaded right now, we can't really take in any more until the ones that we already have are placed in new homes. Between Victoria and I, 15+ phone calls have been answered already today asking if we could please take Mr Joe Schmoe's horse in. Nine times out of ten, these horses are either ancient, blind, lame, 'crazy' studs, or unhandled 'teenage' horses. Unless your horse is what we call "adoptable", we CANNOT take it in at this time.I know that most of you that are reading this are LCC supporters that are not necessarily looking to donate, but I feel that this is worth sharing. Here's a tip: If YOU don't think you will ever be able to find a horse a home, WE PROBABLY CAN'T EITHER! Our goal is to save as many horses as we can, and if we stick to adoptable horses, we can ultimately save many more than if we were to take in the old, broken (but not broke to ride) horse that needs special feed for the rest of its life. We try to do the best we can with what we have, and we are sorry that we can't help everyone.If you have a horse that we cannot take in, feel free to e-mail me all of its information and a picture and I will post it on our website under the "LCC classifieds". Our website gets hundreds of hits daily, and having your horse on there is just another way to spread the word!

On a lighter note, here is a VERY adoptable pony... just waiting for the perfect child to come on out and fall in love with him!

"Howdy" is a 15 year old pony that is ready to teach your child! Totally kid safe, he does it all! Good on trails and in the ring, he was donated because his owner graduated to a larger pony, and she wanted Howdy to be able to make another kid as happy as he made her. Howdy is up to date on his shots, worming, and feet. He does everything a good pony should, and then some! He drives beautifully, and rides like a dream. He is EXTREMELY gentle, and is a great walk-trot confidence builder for young children! He has been in the Last Chance Corral family for years, and we would like to continue that with him. Call if you are interested in giving Howdy a great home! Adoption Fee: $700Tell everyone you know about Howdy... he really is an exceptional pony, and the sooner he gets adopted, the sooner we can save more! For now, I have to run into town to get some gasoline for the mower, then I have to soak a few abscessed feet... so that's all for today!

Happy Trails!
~Rachel ("Stretch")

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Zoomer Zoom (into your barn)!!!

Today I am going to introduce everyone to Zoomer. Zoomer is a 21 year old Quarter Horse that has been there, done that to the max. He is dead broke and totally kid safe. Since he has been here, he hasn't given us any problems... he's pretty much the perfect horse! Zoomer came to us with some serious feet issues, but with the help of our farrier (Chuck Forsythe), he is doing much better. Zoomer's feet were so broken up it was painful to walk, so Chuck put some fancy-schmancy shoes on him to keep the weight off of his 'ouchy spots'. Zoomer's feet are growing steadily... but time is what he really needs.He will probably always need front shoes, but for such a swell guy, so what? Zoomer has dedicated his life to making kids' lives happy... don't we owe him the same? He will be great for riding... like when Billy's non-horsie friends come over and want to plod around the yard bareback with a halter and lead rope for fun. He is a great beginner confidence builder!
I know that I always say that the horses we are trying to adopt out have awesome, easygoing personalities, but Zoomer has a SUPER SUPER personality! This horse is sooo laid back and cool, he could probably HELP you set off fireworks! Don't discount him just because he is older... he is totally dependable, with no vices. He was a 4H horse that has done it all! If you are looking for something that you could leave your kids alone with, Zoomer is your guy for sure! he has had all of his shots, he has been wormed, and has had his feet done. Adoption Fee: $300 to approved home.