Thursday, August 13, 2009

4-5-6 Pick Up Sticks!

Hey Everyone!

Here is a picture of the two LCC dogs... Valkry (left) and Rex (right). Val is Victoria's pride and joy, and puts in a solid 8 hours (sometimes more) of work every day. Rexie is just a ham, ad keeps everyone smiling. We are taking him outside with us as we are doing farm chores more and more, so maybe one day he can be a 'real live farm dog' too!
Anyways, today is a busy day... we started out feeding, cleaning stalls, etc. Then Randy (the best tree guy ever!) and his boys came out and started cutting down trees. In the back paddock, there were a bunch of trees that were constantly threatening the barn and passersby on the highway. Sooo, Randy and his crew cut ALL of the dead one down. We've been picking up sticks and fallen trees non-stop, and they're still sawin' away. Like everything around here, it's totally necessary, but costs money.

Let's all thank John Chun for stepping up (once again!) to help the Last Chance Corral. As soon as he saw the videos online, he called and offered to hook us up with the software to make the videos (legally)! Now, you won't see the little reminder in the middle of the video stating how we didn't pay for the program. Nice, huh? Thank you John Chun!!!

I think I am falling in love with Spencer. There are few horses that I get attached to here, and today, I think Spencer became on of them. There's no particular reason why, it's not like he did my laundry for me and I instantly fell in love with him (that would be cool, though)... he's just really grown on me (literally and figuratively!). That being said, one of you need to come and get him out of here before I am a lost cause. Spencer is definitely NOT "just another red nurse mare foal". He is special. Take it from me. I have seen HUNDREDS of nurse mare foals. Heck, I even have one of my own. It's not like I got bit by the "cute baby horse bug" or something like that, he is just that nice! You should just come on out and see him. Spend five minutes... or even thirty seconds with him, and you will see what I mean!

Here is Destiny's SECOND RIDE off of the track. I'm gonna say that again, just so you understand. This is Destiny's SECOND RIDE off of the track! Isn't she just fabulous? She is popping over small crossrails, and is doing extremely well. She is gaining weight (she was REALLY track fit) and is calming down a lot since being here and not being raced. She has a video on Youtube. Search for "LCC Destiny". If you have trouble finding it, search for "LCC Prince", and go to Last Chance Corral's 'other videos'... you will see "LCC Destiny"... there ya go! Her adoption fee is $750, it was raised from $500 as promised since she has been worked with, and her true potential is coming out. Let me know if you have any questions about her. She is friendly, gets along with everybody in the pasture, and is guaranteed sound.

Remember- ANY horse you adopt from us comes with a guarantee. You have two weeks to bring it back if it doesn't work out for you... and you will get your money back. The horse must be in the same condition (don't go bow it's tendon then complain that it 'just isn't working out', though). After two weeks, though, we will take it back anyways and work with you to find you a better horse. We are into matching people with horses, and believe that there is a lid for every pot, so we want to make sure that you (and your horse) is happy with their new partner.

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!

~Rachel 'Stretch'

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