Sunday, August 9, 2009

Are You Ready to be Blown Away?

Here are some pictures for your viewing "pleasure"...

Enough said, right?Oh, I guess I could talk about this WONDERFUL horse for a minute. Twist my arm, right? This is Prince of Hearts, a 16hh APHA gelding. He is 6 years old, and is a TOTAL lover! I know he doesn't look 16hh, but you have to remember, I am 6 feet tall, so I make ANYTHING look smaller than it actually is. Take my word for it, though, this is a big horse. Aside from his dashing good looks (check out his tail!!!), I can still talk for days about this horse's attributes.

Here's the scoop on him. As a two year old, he was started and used for eventing. You all read that right... EVENTING as a TWO YEAR OLD. Whoever did that should be beat about the head and banished from the horse world. Needless to say (but I'm going to say it anyway), Prince broke down. Who didn't see that coming? Now, whoever thought that it would be a good idea to event a 2 year old (I still can't get over that) was faced with the dilemma of what to do with a broken down FOUR year old.

They ended up giving him away to a wonderful lady who turned out to be this horse's godsend. Prince's NEW owner made sure that he had EVERYTHING that he could possibly need and want, and she started the long road to recovery with him, pouring hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into his feet alone. She babied him and took care of him for about 18 months, then it became hard for her to continue giving him the time that he needed. She decided to share in the joy of owning/riding Prince. Prince is now at the Last Chance Corral, and will be totally sound after he gets nerved on Tuesday. That way, he can continue to make people happy, and live his life to the fullest, without sore feet.

Children have ridden him walk trot, and he is GREAT on the trail and in the ring. Jumping is obviously never going to be his thing again, but this horse is a natural pleasure horse! We'll have a video up soon of him, but for now, here are some pictures. I rode him yesterday, but until he is recovered from his surgery, we cannot accurately assess him . That being said, we will not put an adoption fee on him until we see how truly awesome he is!

This horse was a gift to us, and his adoption fee opens a door that we haven't been able to walk through all year. Prince is the answer to countless prayers, and will help to keep the Last Chance afloat in this time of need. If anyone would like to give this horse the gift of comfort and sponsor his surgery (or even a part of it), give the farm a call. Prince will thank you, and the babies will thank you.

Happy Trails,

~Rachel 'Stretch'


JeniQ said...

Oh he is beautiful in-spite of ignorant an ignorant first owner!! Look at that head - everything about him says Western Pleasure!

Wish I knew someone who wanted a horse ... I'll ask around though.


kelly said...

he is very good looking what happened to matilda she is nice looking horse to

Equiniphile said...

Gorgeous! Amazing neck placement when riding! He would be an excellent Western Pleasure horse. I would buy him if I had another stall in my barn. I can't believe someone rode him under saddle in eventing, nonetheless, as a 2-year old!!