Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zoomer Zooms Away!!!

Let's all say "Later Gator" to Zoomer. He is going to a WONDERFUL home up near Logan, Ohio. He will be used to teach three youngsters about horses, and will be doing therapy for one of them! How cool is that? An old, down and out horse that makes a terrific comeback, then turns around to change the life of not one child, but three? WAAAY COOL!! Thanks to the Ryan family for giving Zoomer an exceptional home forever! I will try to post something else today, but I can't go out to take pictures right now because I can't find any batteries for the camera! As soon as I do, I'll be out there, exhibiting my excellent (yeah right) photography skills. See ya later everyone!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel "Stretch"

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nora said...

So very happy for all involved. It sounds like a win win situation to me. Good luck to youngsters and a wonderful horse. Thank you Ryan family.