Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Zoomer Zoom (into your barn)!!!

Today I am going to introduce everyone to Zoomer. Zoomer is a 21 year old Quarter Horse that has been there, done that to the max. He is dead broke and totally kid safe. Since he has been here, he hasn't given us any problems... he's pretty much the perfect horse! Zoomer came to us with some serious feet issues, but with the help of our farrier (Chuck Forsythe), he is doing much better. Zoomer's feet were so broken up it was painful to walk, so Chuck put some fancy-schmancy shoes on him to keep the weight off of his 'ouchy spots'. Zoomer's feet are growing steadily... but time is what he really needs.He will probably always need front shoes, but for such a swell guy, so what? Zoomer has dedicated his life to making kids' lives happy... don't we owe him the same? He will be great for riding... like when Billy's non-horsie friends come over and want to plod around the yard bareback with a halter and lead rope for fun. He is a great beginner confidence builder!
I know that I always say that the horses we are trying to adopt out have awesome, easygoing personalities, but Zoomer has a SUPER SUPER personality! This horse is sooo laid back and cool, he could probably HELP you set off fireworks! Don't discount him just because he is older... he is totally dependable, with no vices. He was a 4H horse that has done it all! If you are looking for something that you could leave your kids alone with, Zoomer is your guy for sure! he has had all of his shots, he has been wormed, and has had his feet done. Adoption Fee: $300 to approved home.


Ryan said...

Hi! I'm excited to find you guys.
I live in Sugar Grove just outside of Logan Ohio. We have been on a waiting list the past 5 years for a stall at our communties facilities and word is they have a stall for us. So we are looking to rescue a horse and bring it home to love and to learn on. I have 3 children ages 12, 8 and 19 months. I grew up with horses and privately owned through college. Nursing full-time and additional school forced me to relinquish my last project, a handsome half-saddle bred/quarter horse buckskin that I adored. My oldest son has a very rare genetic disorder with learning disabilities and will be doing horse therapy sessions with the horse we pick. Zoomer looks awesome and may be a good match for us. I'll let you know for sure if the stall situation is genuine( I had asked for 2 so we'll see what we get) I'll be in touch. Angela Ryan

Last Chance said...

Angela: You guys sound perfect for Zoomer! Give us a call to schedule an appointment to come on out and see him with all of your kids... to see if everyone is a good match! (740)-594-4336. Calling gets you in contact with us (and Victoria especially) MUCH more effectively than e-mailing, though I do read e-mails daily. ~Rachel

luke said...

Is Zoomer still avalible. Also I was on craigs list and found this
They adopted a Nurse mare foal a year ago and she is not forsale. I though I would let you guys know, since your policy might state that they have to let you know. Oh and let me know about Zoom. Thanks