Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Good News... FINALLY!!

Who wants some good news?? WE DO!!! I know that I have been getting all of our blog readers down in the dumps with a bunch of bad news recently, but here is finally some good news to report! Right when we thought the day was coming to a end, some people came to adopt both Workin' Girl (gray TB mare) and Sadie (Morgan mare)! They will be going to good homes, Sadie will be going to become a driving horse, as she matched her adopter's other driving Morgan. Workin' Girl will be pampered as well and started on barrels and trail riding. Congrats to their new owners, and thank you to everyone who spread the word about those mares!!!Here are some new pictures of Stoner (Rolling Stone)... since the picture on the website isn't too... becoming. Stoner is doing much better since his bout with pneumonia, and is ready to be adopted out now! He is a Walker X, but he trots, too. I'm sure that he would do the 'walker walk', but I haven't asked him to yet. I have ridden him a couple of times, and he is VERY responsive and mannerly. He is way more comfortable on the trail than in the ring, so we think that whoever had him before us just did trail riding with him. He has no vices, is up to date on his shots, worming, and feet trimming, etc. He responds to leg cues nicely, so he probably wouldn't be suitable for a beginner... he is just really well trained. Someone who is into trail riding and having a good time is going to love this horse forever. Come on out to see him and try him out! Let's all try to find Stoner a home this week. He has been here since June 12th (from Sugarcreek) and he deserves a place to call home.

Well, the horses are fed, and all I have to do is turn some of them out, then we'll call it a day here at the Last Chance Corral. Come on out and volunteer... we could really use your help!

Happy Trails,

~Rachel 'Stretch'


kas0859 said...

He is incredible! Somebody with cash ADOPT him! PLEASE!

nora said...

I could not agree more, he looks beautiful. So much better than first pics,I hope he gets a home real soon. What a great looking fellow.

zippogreen said...

What kinda price do you have on this black beauty?? Is he a goey horse or a lazy type??
I would love to have an update on Triumph.. A terrible neglect case.. Were you all able to save him??