Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Video!

Hey Everyone!

here is a new video... this one is of Destiny... I had someone that requested one, so we made it! On YouTube, search "LCC Destiny" and it should pop up. If not, let me know, and I will post the link on here!

Prince came home from the vet today! In four weeks he will be available for adoption, and YOU could possibly be his next partner in crime!! I'll post things regularly on here regarding his recovery.

If you haven't noticed, we lowered Spencer's adoption fee. He is now available for $800, negotiable. He needs a family, someone he can get attached to and love forever. If you are capable of opening your heart and barn to Spencer, PLEASE DO! He needs a family (and pretty soon, a job!).

Howdy's adoption fee is $700, and he is well worth it! Howdy is waiting for that special someone to come along and take him home! Please spread the word about him, he just needs another little girl (or boy!) to dote on him like he is used to!

That's pretty much all there is for today... there's not much going on here at the farm (compared to foal season). That is a good thing, though, so I'm DEFINITELY not complaining!

Happy Trails, The Horses are Calling!
~Rachel 'Stretch'


Rachel said...

Isn't coming up when you search LCC Destiny. Might want to post a link!

uniqueygirl said...

If you search last chance corral then scrool down you will see Prince. After you pick that video you will see "more from Last chance corral" to the on that and you will see the other video that was made.