Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Wants to Watch a MOVIE???

Howdy Everyone!

Or, go to and search "LCC Prince of Hearts"

Okay, here it is! My "technical skills" just jumped (or flopped) up to the next level. I can now do sale videos!!! Yay!!! If you watch this video, please please please do not base your opinion of us off of it. This is my first one ever, and since we didn't download any music off of the internet, I picked a cute song off of one of Stacy's CDs that was sitting in the Ford.

Another thing is... we are using an 'unauthorized' version of the movie maker program (as it clearly states), so until we can justify spending money on the actual program, you are all going to have to try to see through that text. Sorry about that. But here is the link to the video of Prince. We didn't really showcase his abilities too well because we just flipped the video button on the camera, we didn't think that we could actually do a public video. Other videos that I do will be better, I promise.

For those of you who are thinking about calling about Prince, here is what we are probably going to tell you: He is getting nerved on TUESDAY (tomorrow) and then he will require a 4-6 week layup. After that, he will be reevaluated, and an accurate adoption fee will be posted EVERYWHERE. We are not going to keep him from anybody, everyone will have a fair chance to adopt him. No one will know before anyone else. Whoever adopts him will go through the same interview process that we always require. That being said, PLEASE read the adoption requirements on our website, and make sure that you qualify.

Secondly, Prince is a NICE horse. We are not going to adopt him out for our usual "heck of a deal" adoption fee. He is going to be adopted out for what he is worth. Please don't try to talk us down, either, 100% of the proceeds from his adoption goes into foal season and other horses like Prince that need the chance that surgery could provide.

Thank you everyone for your interest, sorry that we can't adopt him out right now! Remember, patience is a virtue!

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!

~Rachel 'Stretch'

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barngal said...

I got a chance to meet Prince in person and I must say he is a real head turner. He is a "must see" horse.