Monday, August 3, 2009

"Howdy" Y'all!!

Hey everyone!

Today is just another typical day at the farm. Victoria and I started at 9am, feeding, cleaning, mucking, tiling, doing office work, etc, etc... all while trying to answer the endless phone calls from people trying to donate their horses to us.

For everyone's information, we are so overloaded right now, we can't really take in any more until the ones that we already have are placed in new homes. Between Victoria and I, 15+ phone calls have been answered already today asking if we could please take Mr Joe Schmoe's horse in. Nine times out of ten, these horses are either ancient, blind, lame, 'crazy' studs, or unhandled 'teenage' horses. Unless your horse is what we call "adoptable", we CANNOT take it in at this time.I know that most of you that are reading this are LCC supporters that are not necessarily looking to donate, but I feel that this is worth sharing. Here's a tip: If YOU don't think you will ever be able to find a horse a home, WE PROBABLY CAN'T EITHER! Our goal is to save as many horses as we can, and if we stick to adoptable horses, we can ultimately save many more than if we were to take in the old, broken (but not broke to ride) horse that needs special feed for the rest of its life. We try to do the best we can with what we have, and we are sorry that we can't help everyone.If you have a horse that we cannot take in, feel free to e-mail me all of its information and a picture and I will post it on our website under the "LCC classifieds". Our website gets hundreds of hits daily, and having your horse on there is just another way to spread the word!

On a lighter note, here is a VERY adoptable pony... just waiting for the perfect child to come on out and fall in love with him!

"Howdy" is a 15 year old pony that is ready to teach your child! Totally kid safe, he does it all! Good on trails and in the ring, he was donated because his owner graduated to a larger pony, and she wanted Howdy to be able to make another kid as happy as he made her. Howdy is up to date on his shots, worming, and feet. He does everything a good pony should, and then some! He drives beautifully, and rides like a dream. He is EXTREMELY gentle, and is a great walk-trot confidence builder for young children! He has been in the Last Chance Corral family for years, and we would like to continue that with him. Call if you are interested in giving Howdy a great home! Adoption Fee: $700Tell everyone you know about Howdy... he really is an exceptional pony, and the sooner he gets adopted, the sooner we can save more! For now, I have to run into town to get some gasoline for the mower, then I have to soak a few abscessed feet... so that's all for today!

Happy Trails!
~Rachel ("Stretch")

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