Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday was my day off, and what do ya know, some pretty exciting things happened around here while I was gone! Howdy and Scout (a Shetland pony I haven't even mentioned with you yet) found a great home together going to PA. Turns out, they lived together for awhile before coming here, and they will be helping kids learn to ride! How awesome is that? PRETTY AWESOME, if you ask me!

A few days ago, Erin (a friend of LCC) decided to donate her big, beautiful warmblood to us. He is Percheron X TB, and has had training in dressage. He is a nice all around horse. A new baby quickly consumed all of her time, and Pern was suddenly second fiddle to the young member of the family. Erin decided to sell him to someone who would maximize his potential. She had him sold to someone for over $4k, but he WOULD NOT get into the trailer. The deal was broken, and she called us to come and take him. Victoria took Jill (trailer-loading is her 'thing') to go see Pern and to load him up. By the end of the session, he was loading all by himself, and with NO struggling. He went in and out of the trailer a few times before being loaded up for the final time and hauled to Last Chance. Erin bred and raised this colt, and she know everything about him. He likes bananas and long walks on the beach. Victoria has decided to make him her 'fall ride', and unless someone presents an amazing donation to adopt him, he is not for adoption until foal season rolls around! If you really want him, though, make an offer, you never know!
I am trying to make a video of him with the new software that John Chun bought us, so we'll see how fast I can teach myself the program. The video might be up later today, or possibly not until tomorrow. I will either finish it before feeding time today or get fed up and go ride Lil Guy.

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