Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let Me Reintroduce you to RAFFLES!!!

Howdy Everyone!

Here is Raffles' story. We went to Sugarcreek, and Stacy jumped on the CUTEST little gray pony. Well... when auction time came around, we bid on our little gray pony. The pony we just bought turned out to be NOT the same cute gray pony that we tried and tested before the sale. The hammer fell, and we were the new owners- of this pony that we knew NOTHING about. Imagine our surprise when (4 or 5 ponies later) the little gray pony that we INTENDED to buy came through the ring. Whoops! After the sale, we go to round u
p Raffles, and discover that he was a 'problem child'. He was a three year old stud that was head-shy and nervous. In the trailer you go, little one! Off to the Last Chance Corral where you can become a 'good pony'.

Well, that was June, and since then, Raffles is now a gentleman (and a gelding). He went from being uncatchable in a stall to waiting at the gate of the paddock to be let in! He is still nervous, but Stacy has been riding him, and he is doing quite well. He leads, loads, trims, bathes, clips (with patience), etc. Because he is an honest-to-god rescue, his adoption fee reflects that. He has gained weight (amazing what some dewormer and good grain does!) and he has that cute little shine to his coat. He will be a nice little jumper pony
, or he could be your next barrel burner! Who can say? He is a workable piece of clay, waiting for you to come and be his true love. His adoption fee is $350, negotiable to a good home that will maximize his true potential. Come on out and see "Raffle d' Raffles"! Stacy is coming down tomorrow, and we will try to get a video of him up on YouTube soon! By the way... if there is anything you would like to see in our videos of the horses (bathing, trailer loading, etc...) please let us know so we can include it!

On another note, the Last Chance Corral is helping out a friend of 'the LCC family' sell some of his horses. With the economy, he has found himself with a few too many horses. There is NOTHING wrong with any of these horses, there are just only so many hours in the day. One of his horses is at the Last Chance Corral now, a three year
old Bashkir Curly named Lil' Guy. Lil' Guy is a 'curl-less' Curly, but other than his coat, he has all of the Curly attributes. Great feet, calm temperament, cuter than bunny fur... you know. I started this colt under saddle last summer, and let me tell you- he learns fast, and he has a GREAT mind! Willing and calm, this is the kind of horse that will make the rider look good. He is a touch under 14.2 right now, so he should mature at 14.3 or 15 hands. He is chestnut with a textbook star, strip, and snip. his lovable personality can be viewed at

This is a home video of him playing with a friend's puppy. Lil' Guy is sleeker (and taller) now... the video was taken last fall. If you would like to come on out and meet Lil' Guy- call me (Rachel) at (614)-271-5925 or Last Chance Corral at (740)-594-4336. Be sure to tell me that you saw him on the blog. We will get a video of him up in the next few days, and I will be training him daily until sold. Obviously, his price will go up accordingly. Right now, the asking price for this gelding is $1000 negotiable. Make an offer anyway if you are interested... you never know! This horse has had shots, has been wormed, feet trimmed, EVERYTHING on a regular basis since birth. He was imprinted as a foal, and was handled
regularly and properly since then. He loads, ties, hobbles, bathes, clips, etc, etc. Last summer I rode him quite a bit, and with less than ten rides on him, I was able to ride up to an outbuilding and bang on the tin roof with my fist without him moving a muscle. A beginner rider was on him once... just walking, but regardless, he was a perfect gentleman. No vices, just one quality gelding! This horse gets better every time I ride him, so don't miss out on this Lil' Guy!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel "Stretch"


nora said...

I hope Raffles and Lil Guy find a forever home very soon. Did Stoney get adopted? Do not see him on available today.

Kid said...

OT-trying to post an ad on your classifieds and it asks for type of delivery, what does that mean, then it tells you that you have to enter numbers only, but it won't except numbers. Have tried to e-mail you all but it comes back undeliverable.

Last Chance said...

Don't send us an email through the website. Go to gmail or yahoo or whatever, and compose an email to