Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cabin Fixin' on the Farm!

Hey Everyone!
Now seriously, who needs Tim from Tool Time when you've got the LCC girls? For the past few days, we have been grinding away at the cabin floor. We are laying down the long awaited hardwood floors- no boys allowed! (except for Howie). We probably will have another day's work in it before we are totally done, but when we are, it will look sooo nice!

Pictures from top to bottom: motion shot, goofin' off, workin' away, Victoria abusing me (as usual!), Howie doing noting, Victoria and Tracy goof off, our pile o' wood.

We got a new horse in today, and I am working on a video of him as we speak. Look for it tomorrow or maybe even today! Catch ya later!
Happy Trails,

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