Friday, August 20, 2010

Ponies, Ponies, Ponies!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Whenever we have space and are financially able, we like to go to sales and pick up some horses and ponies with potential. We usually go to Sugarcreek, but our involvement with recent horse repos there caused us to be "unwelcome"... for the time being at least. We decided that it was best to let those emotions subside for a little while and go to another sale. On August 14th, we went to the Mount Hope horse sale. As luck would have it, we were able to save 6 ponies! We hauled home that night in the rain and put them up for the night, anxious to see what "treasures" we found the next day (after the bute wears off, haha). Luckily, all of the ponies that we have are sound of body and mind and are looking for new homes! Check out the ponies on our website to see what could be trotting around in your pasture! They vary from 5 years old and green broke to 10 years old and child safe. Check them out... if you know of someone who is looking for a medium-large pony... we have it!
Here is a breakdown of who we have right now...

Shiraz: 8 year old 13hh black and white paint mare
Pleasure: 10 year old 13.2hh Haflinger mare
Yoder: 5 year old 14.2hh Haflinger gelding
Dazzle (Rose): 9 year old 14hh red roan paint mare
Daisy: 9 year old 13 hh Haflinger mare
Molly: 7 year old 13.1hh bay Haflinger X mare

We also just got two new TBs in... Precision and Possum... so check them out online... if you are looking for that special event horse... these guys are super special and are looking for a career that will get them in the limelight!

For those of you who are into the "smooth rides", you should definitely check out Carlita!! She is a 5 year old Paso Fino... typical Paso, just a sweetheart! She is bay and beautiful, and is looking for her next home to come and swoop her up for a lifetime of trails and fun!

Glory has been here awhile, and not because there is anything bad about her, but just because we are looking for the perfect home for her. She is a 21 year old Westphalian mare that has been there and done that. For anyone looking for a great hunter pace horse, this girl looooves the trails! She will not be adopted out to a home that will use her for lessons, though, she has been retired from that life forever. Like most gray horses her age, she does have cancer, but she has had the same unchanging lump since she was still in the show ring, and it does not affect her soundness at all! Give this girl a chance and see if you think you might be the perfect someone for this extra noble mare!

On another note, we will be heading to Delaware County's All Horse Parade in September! Everyone up that way should come on out and see the awesome display of horses that are in the parade... it's quite a sight! We will be in the parade with some LCC horses that are up for adoption!Here is a picture of Pontiac a few days before he was adopted... in the kitchen!! This baby is a super special member of our family, and we are excited to see how he grows up! Congratulations to his new family... you really have a good one! Pontiac's video will stay up on YouTube to show people just how awesome a nurse mare foal can be!! Search "LCC Pontiac" to see it!

Happy Trails,