Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Just Tryin' to Keep on Truckin'!!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry there hasn't been a blog for a couple days... I took some days off, so I obviously didn't have much to talk about regarding the farm. You may or may not remember, but in a previous post, I have told all of you about Trucker. Trucker is one of our nurse mare foals that we adopted out 4 years ago, and when the owner obtained a non-horse related injury, they called asked if we could take him back. Being "one of ours", we said yes, and Trucker came back to the farm.

We started him under saddle almost immediately, and on day one, he was leading a trail ride, down the road and through water! Not too shabby, huh? This is REALLY an exceptional horse. He is built like a tank at 14.3, and his awesome blue roan paint color will not fade with age, as many do (including my horse!). He is great on the trail and in the ring, and is eager to please and really responsive. This horse is naturally quiet, and nothing really can freak him out.
He has had all of his shots, he has been wormed, and his feet have been manicured perfectly since he has been here.

He is a dream to work with, so don't miss out on your chance to own your very own nurse mare foal! We really wanted to keep him for awhile and sell him as a fundraiser, but making ends meet right now is becoming increasingly more difficult, so we are forced to let him go. He is worth every penny that we are asking, and even more at that! We obviously don't want to part with Trucker, but with foal season tapping us on the shoulder in a few months, we need to stockpile as much money as possible for those ever-so-demanding babies. If you or anyone you know would give this special guy a home, give the farm a call! Just think, in adopting this guy, you are giving countless babies a second chance.

Adoption Fee: $1000 (that's one heck of a deal!!!)
Stacey tried out the black TB mare (Destiny) the other day, just to see how she would do, and she was AMAZING! For being directly off of the track, she was extremely willing and responsive. She changed leads, walked, trotted, AND cantered calmly, and even went over a few crossrails! All this mare needs is a person that is excited to be her friend, and she will flourish. Because she is so exceptional, we are raising her adoption fee to $750. The longer we keep her, the more she will learn, and the better she will get. That being said, her price will also go up. She has the potential, and if you have that "teaching bone" in you, she will be your best friend and partner. Many people think that to get a classy hunter that moves nice, you have to spend a bunch of money. NOT TRUE! This mare screams class, and is a workable piece of clay waiting to be your masterpiece! Call us if you are interested!

Tilly got adopted today, and at this very moment, we have just enough stalls for the horses that we have. Good news? You bet, but then we remember that in about an hour, we have a new horse coming in. How come we always bring horses in at the same rate (or faster) than we adopt them out?!?!

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!

~Rachel (Stretch)

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