Monday, August 31, 2009

Show season is coming up for the Last Chance!

Hey everyone!

We are going to try something new and see if it is beneficial to the farm and our horses. On September 27th, we are heading up to the Hartford County Fairgrounds to go to a fun show! We are going to bring a few of our eligible horses that we have at the time and try to adopt out as many as we can at this event! Some of the horses will be entered in classes, but a few (Spencer!) will be there for the experience and the "show atmosphere". This will give us a chance to show off our horses to the public this year since we didn't get to take any to the Delaware Classic! If anyone has any ideas or is willing to help, let us know! We are always looking for another idea, so let us have it! Here is a list of the horses that are for sure going so far:
1. Prince- will be done with his layup and ready to perform!
2. Azrack- will be ready to go and will hopefully be sold at this show!
3. Spencer- if he's not adopted yet, he will be there for fun and experience!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel (Stretch)


kas0859 said...

What kind of show? Is it sponsored by a particular group? Can we get details about the show and schedule from the web? Thanks!

Last Chance said...

It is a fun show... all disciplines. Details can be viewed at! Thanks!