Monday, August 17, 2009


NOTE: Spencer's adoption fee was lowered to $800 negotiable. The video will still say $1000, but his adoption fee was lowered. Call if you are interested! We have some interest in him, but no one will actually "make the jump" and adopt him.

Hey Hey Hey!

Since I haven't had any calls on Spencer, we made a video of him and all of his "mad skills" today. It was sooo much fun! Go to YouTube, and copy paste the link below. You can also search "LCC Spencer" get the video that way. Spencer needs a home. Your home could be his! So come on out after seeing his video! You won't be disappointed!

Victoria has been busy toiling with bricks and concrete in this extreme heat in the upper barn, and she needs a BIG pat on the back because she has been working sooooo hard. Over the years, horses' pawing has worn a ditch at the stall doors of some of the stalls, and Victoria is making a point to fix all of that nonsense.

Happy Trails!
~Rachel 'Stretch'


Kid said...

He went from $350 to $1000 in two weeks, WOW, he is a cool little dude though. If that video doesn't sell him nothing will, I laughed more than a few times at him, very smart. I even thought about it until I saw the price, looks like he's worth it though. Tell Bob(Zen) I said HI!

Kid said...

Rachel, how tall are you, "stretch" was my nickname growing up.

Last Chance said...

His price did go up. We knew he was special, but we really messed with him a lot today (with the saddle, rope, and see-saw), so he is obviously worth waaay more than what we were obviously asking. We are asking $1000 to help support the 2010 foals. Spread the word!
(and I am 6' barefoot... in boots, 6'2"...I tend to make any horse look small!) ~Rachel