Friday, August 26, 2011

Photobook Fundraiser Project 2012

We are in need of high quality photos (jpeg formats) to be considered for our 25th anniversary photobook, slated for early Spring 2012.  We've had lots of OU photography students, journalists, media and former staff/volunteers come through our doors over the years, and I'm sure you've got a gem to contribute!  Credit will be given if your photo is selected.  General topics we are considering:  Laughter is Good Medicine!   The Darker Side of Rescue   A Work in Progress   The Last Chance Corral Family   Foal Season   A Lid for Every Pot  ....and then yet to be determined.  If you've got something dramatic, artistic, humorous...send it along with your contact information.  This is a project headed up by Karen (Caribou), so you can also cc: emails to with attachments (cuz the lcc computer is rather slooowwwww.)  The end result will ultimately be for sale on line, with some copies available at Equine Affaire 2012.

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