Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures Are Up

Sorry for the delay. We've worked out the bugs and you can now view all 11 babies at http://www.lastchancecorral.org/. If you are seriously interested in adopting a foal, please review our adoption policy (http://www.lastchancecorral.org/foal-rescue/adoption-policies) and call to talk with Victoria directly at 740-594-4336.

Thanks for your patience.



Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

May I ask if these foals were rescued from auction or bad handlers? They are all so beautiful, I'm sure it would be hard for someone to pick just one.:)

OnTheBit said...

What a cute bunch this year! I am currently leasing a horse that was adopted from your program nearly 5 years ago. I had never heard of a nurse mare foal from the racing industry until I leased him. He was one of 13 adopted in 2 trips and all of them have turned out to be great horses so far. The horse I lease is so sensible and such a great mover I can't wait to start showing him this year! I hope these little ones all end up in loving homes soon!

tSquare Appaloosas said...

More pictures please. I check for new foals each morning. We usually adopt a foal each year. We don't have a heated barn and its been too cold for a baby yet.