Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby time...

With this lovely weather, all the horses except for Zen and Brutus got to stay outside last night. How lucky for them! Really, how lucky for us... that means only two stalls to clean, plus the paddocks. Sooo, we got a little adventurous this morning, and decided to give the new little Appy baby a bath! Now, baths at this age are always a bit interesting..

The babies aren't exactly broke to lead. Or stand. Or be bathed... Luckily, they're small enough at this age that they're quite controllable!

Little number 25 likes to help with everything... can you tell?

And here he is, all pretty and ready for his photo shoot. Yes, he's going to Equine Affaire..

Speaking of Equine Affaire, we also worked with the little paint and the little red dun today, getting them ready to lead.

By the time these babies head to Columbus, they have to be pretty good at this leading stuff - we have to walk almost the entire length of the fairgrounds to go from our stalls to our booth in the Voinovich Building! The big horses are always scared of our babies - but our babies are always better behaved than most of the big horses, hehehe.

We are working on our coolest fundraiser for Equine Affaire yet. It's a COLORING BOOK! A Last Chance Corral educational coloring book. Can't get any more AWESOME than that. Wait until you see it, you will all be fighting to be the first in line to purchase it!

This morning, a good friend of Victoria's picked up six foals and headed back home to South Carolina. I know, that's a hike, right?! The foals were quite happy to hop on the trailer and head off to their new lives. If you were wondering why the numbers jumped around, that's why! She took 4 from the new load and two from the old load.

Enjoy your Sunday!


tSquare Appaloosas said...

I've adopted each year and there are always a lot of foals. How many can you accommodate? Are foals going unsaved for lack of funds, adopters? We've had a few warm days but with an unheated barn, it could be risky still.

Last Chance said...

Hey tSquare!

Our foal barn was designed for about ten foals, max. Last year, the foal season got so crazy, we had 40 foals in the barn. That's insane! Adoptions are slowing every year as the economy worsens and the local market is further saturated with these little guys. Yes, we do have to turn foals away due to lack of funds and space. This year we have been ok, but this will be our busiest month, and we will soon be overwhelmed!! ; ) So pass the word... it sounds like you've done your part, hehehe! Come visit! We have a nice little Appy for EA this year... ; )