Saturday, March 7, 2009

What beautiful weather.

It's funny how adoptions always are in sync with the weather. Nice days, lots of adoptions. Crummy weather, no one's interested.

A bunch of foals headed out late this week, so Victoria drove to KY Friday night and came home early this morning with a trailer load of babies. There are some flashy ones in this bunch!! Wait til I get the pictures up. It appears everyone is quite healthy, a miracle! We've had few serious health issues this year. Everyone is even drinking tonight - yay - no late night tube feeding! We have decided to take the little paint, the red dun, and the chestnut with the four socks and blaze to Equine Affaire... and I think the loud Appy who arrived on this load, as well.

The two little matching Walker colts went to a phenomenal home that is going to long-term foster them for a few years. Their foster mommy doesn't ride anymore, but she wanted a buddy for her older horse. She decided to give a huge gift to us by fostering this boys. She intends on having their groundwork perfect by the time they come back here and are ready to start under saddle. How great! Rusty Raindrops and the little palomino went to a home together, as did the older black Walker filly and the older black and white paint. It has been so nice to see so many of the foals go in pairs this year. They do SO well together, and you skip the depression you deal with if they go alone.

The two older fillies, #9 and #7, are hanging with Valentine in the back pasture. They are sweethearts. They have a distinct disadvantage in the adoption world because they aren't as cute and cuddly as the younger babies, but they are both very sociable and kind girls! Hopefully someone will be ready to love them soon.

So, ALL afternoon Stacy and I were showing horses to prospective adopters! Thank goodness the weather was nice, and thank goodness Stacy was here, or I would have been showing horses until after dark. Journey went to a new home as a dressage horse, Jack went to a 10 year old little girl, and Valentine may also be going to a new home with a wonderful riding family, a mom, a daughter, and a very talented young man. Zach was shown to THREE prospective adopters, so hopefully one of them will decide to pick him up tomorrow. I will miss Journey, I adored that horse. Such talent!! It is always a good day when nice horses find the perfect homes. Jack was soooo cute with his little girl, he kept an eye on her every step...

Stacy got on Norell tonight as well. We did find out that Norell had 30 days professional training, but she hasn't been ridden in two years. Well, she did stellar. She was actually pretty quiet and composed, given the fact that she hadn't been ridden in so long. She'll need some tuning up, but she's tall and long-legged and will be a spectacular prospect for someone.

My bad, bad dog chewed through both seat belts in the Dodge yesterday. I tell you, what am I to do with these crazy canines???

Hopefully tomorrow, Stacy and I will get a chance to go up on the hill and hop on Chop, who has put on enough weight to start walking under saddle. Maybe we'll lunge Mikey and Axle for a minute as well. It would be nice to see them move. Lucky also came back today from his foster home. He has certainly blossomed in her care, now he is just looking for someone who is ready to train him.... He is a sweetheart!!

I can't believe how wonderful this weather is.. I suppose I better not jinx it, knowing Ohio, it will be freezing tomorrow!!!!

I rode more today that I've ridden in the whole two and a half months since I left for Florida.... I'm beat!! Goodnight ya'll... hope for more sun in the morning. ; ) The new load of babies send milk kisses to everyone...

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gambit said...

Great news about all the adoptions!! Pls don't forget Cinnaman, who is a Last Chance guy, now a coming 5yr old looking for a forever home. Cinni is listed on your "For Sale" section and ALL proceeds from his sale go back to Last Chance.