Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Equine Affaire, here we come!

Okay, I am so silly... it is impossible for me to keep up with this with all kinds of other stuff going on here... I'm sorry!

The stallions have both been gelded. One is a seven year old registered Morgan, he's a cool guy, but opinionated. The other is a four year old Morgan x Saddlebred, and he is just scared, but super sweet. Neither of them have been handled at ALL.... they had ropes hanging from their halters so we could catch them! Both guys are going to need a lot of work, but they'll be nice horses in no time.

We are headed to Equine Affaire today. For those of you who were interested in an Equine Affaire foal, we aren't really very sure who is going. It's going to depend on who has the poops and who's alright. Whoever is healthy is going, and once they are adopted, we'll bring more up. You can always call the farm and ask for my cell if you have questions about who's there, I will have it on me all through Equine Affaire. (The farm's number is 740 594 4336.)

See you Sunday!! Hope everyone stops by this weekend!!

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