Tuesday, April 14, 2009

foals, poo, foals.

We still have too many foals here to bring in more. Yikes! Someone needs to adopt these guys... several left after Equine Affaire, but not enough!! Two days ago the little palomino appy left, yesterday the big black and the little solid bay, today the big palomino appy and the 3 month old draft... there are MANY lovely babies here, I know they are plain bay and chestnut, but all of them are very well put together and will be beautiful horses. Don't be deterred by the plain wrapper...

Number 73, the little Arab/Appy, never recovered properly from the virus that whipped through the barn, and we put her to sleep Sunday night. She was too young and she wasn't digesting anything properly - the milk was coming out of her looking the same as it did when it went in. At that point, there was no hope for her recovery. We were all pretty attached to her, but unfortunately, that's just the way it goes sometimes.

The four year old ex-stallion was adopted by our good friend Teresa. She said she didn't really need one... but... what can you do?? He just spoke to her. No other horses have moved around lately... crazy, huh? I just went out and groomed the older ex-stallion... he was actually pretty good. I really wish my leg was better, I would love to work with him. It just drains your confidence to know that you have no quickness at all.

Rain, rain, rain.... everything here is soaking wet or muddy. Rain sucks around here!! You just can't keep everything even reasonably clean. With 6 dogs running in and out all day... it gets pretty messy, LOL!

The day got more interesting when I took a break from the blog writing... Tracy went to empty one of our poop carts and was completely stuck in the mud, and the trailer had broken free! We just picked up a donated horse trailer yesterday, and it uses a two inch ball. It's the only thing on the farm that uses one, so we ALL completely forgot to change it for the poop trailer!!! Tracy made it all the way to the "dump spot" and got it partway dumped before she got stuck in the mud, and when she tried to free herself, she lost the trailer. Rachel and I both piled back in the truck to dig the trailer free and dig the poop out. An interesting outing, to say the least!!!

All the babies are looking pretty good tonight. A few of them are starting to get a little of the poops, but they are at the age for foal scours, so it isn't unexpected. It is funny to see them buddy up with the new crowd. Our big red and white colt that we're keeping for Cleveland, Grande, looks like he just learned how to groom this little bay filly.... but he looks like he's trying to eat her whole neck, he's biting her so hard... but she looks happy!! She is making the itchy face. Silly foals. At least I always have something fun to watch from the office...

I'm off to bed... early night!

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