Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank You Pete Smith DVM!

We wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to Dr Pete Smith of Milliron Clinic (Athens, Ohio). Last week, we had a foal come in that had almost no chest, accompanied by knees that were severely deformed. The foal was a sweetheart, but due to financial restrictions, we could not afford the surgery it would take to correct this baby's problems. We took the baby to the vet, and told them that it was deformed and would have to be put down. We left the baby in a stall and went home, saddened. We decided that it was for the better, as the baby grew, the added weight on her knees would just aggravate the problem and make it painful to walk.
Today, Victoria went to Milliron to pick up some medication for some other foals and vaccinations for the horses that we have currently (yes, it's shot season, everyone! Don't forget to hook your horses at home up!). She walked in, and the nurse told her that our baby was ready to go home. It turns out that Pete donated the surgery, and fixed our baby for us- NO CHARGE! I'll tell ya, our Pete is some kinda guy, huh? I'll post before and after pics of the baby tomorrow.
See you guys at the farm!

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zippogreen said...

That is awesome.. Where are the pics of that foal?? Hats off to Dr. Smith..
What is up with the pix these days? They are terrible.. Several of them you can't even make out..