Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where Are The Foals???

Something odd is happening here at the farm recently. We only have 6 babies! Multiply that by at least three, and that's what we usually have! With only 6 babies around, we are almost bored! Just kidding, there is still sooooooo much to do. Riding our adult horses will soon be at the top of the never-ending to-do list, as the foals become fewer and farther between. Until then, we will continue to take care of the babies that we have, hoping that one of you will open your hearts and barns to a little bundle of joy. But enough about the foals. Here is an extra extra long post for you guys since I have abandoned the blog here recently.

Today, Stacey rode Links for the first time. He was sent to us because he can be a little cinchy at times, and the owner wanted something that wasn't extra sensitive. Stacey got on him, and he was wonderful! She popped him over a few small jumps, and since he's used to jumping 3 feet, they weren't a problem for him at all. Check him out on our website on our available horses page. Don't miss out on adopting this big, black gem!

Screamin' Demon came to us about a month or so ago. He was a seven year old untouched Morgan Stallion. Sounds like fun, huh? An immediate trip to Dr Pete Smith (Milliron Vet Clinic) fixed that 'stallion' status pretty quickly. Not quick enough, though, seven years of testosterone wired Demon's brain into one way of thinking, "I am a manly man that needs to breed EVERYTHING!" He thought striking, biting, and kicking was fun, and we had to convince him otherwise. Three weeks after he lost his 'gems', his testosterone started to really wear down. I started working more with him, brushing him every day and getting him used to being saddled. I found that he is a really quick learner and that he LOVES attention! Demon tries so hard to please, and he is coming along great so far. When foal season is over, I will have more time to work with him. Hopefully he will get adopted before then, but who knows? If you know of anyone that would give him a good home, please give the farm a call. This guy deserves to go to a special home!

Trucker (blue roan paint gelding) is an awesome large pony that we have the pleasure of calling our own. He is really coming along quite nicely. The four year old nursemare foal has had a few rides on him by Karen and he is doing great! Karen says that he is such a baby doll, he tries to help you with everything and he tries so hard to please! He is currently unavailable for adoption, Victoria wants to make him into something special that we can use as a fundraiser later. Keep looking for updates on Trucker and his progress!

Well, it's almost feeding time, so I'd better get started medicating the sick babies. There's only two, and they really aren't that sick, so I'm definitely not complaining. I'll try to update the blog regularly, but I'm the only person that is at the farm enough to know what's worth blogging about AND actually put things up on the blog, so the blog obviously comes after taking care of the horses. I'll try to get Tracy to start blogging, too. Until then, you guys are stuck with me and my blogs that are few and far between.

The horses are calling, Happy trails!


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