Friday, November 20, 2009

Just for Your Favorite Cowboy!

Hey There!

You know how you go to the Equine Affaire or Quarter Horse Congress and it seems like you are the only one without a cowboy hat?

Doesn't it get old having to say "Yee-Haw" without a hat?

Don't we all agree that every gentleman looks much-mo-better in a nicely shaped cowboy hat?

Are you the only cowboy or cowgirl in your family, and whenever you go out for dinner, you stick out like a Thoroughbred in a field of Shetlands, wishing that your family members were also wearing hats?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you won't believe what I am about to tell you.

We have as many cowboy hats as you could ever want. In every size, in every color, and in every style. From Stetson to Seratelli, we have you covered (literally!) Come on out to see our selection- but be sure to call all of your family and friends for their hat sizes first! These hats are valued from $85 all the way up to $200, and we are letting them go for 60% off! Your choice!

If you bring a nice gift for the auction, we just might give you an even better deal than that!

The pictures below are of just some of the almost 350 cowboy hats that we have!
Give the farm a call, and come on out to pick yours (and your friend's!).

We also have English and Western apparel, english boots, english saddles, blankets, and tack, all at unbeatable prices and all brand new! A tack shop went out of business and donated a bunch of their brand new merchandise to us- and it's all brand new! From shampoo to saddle pads, we surely can complete your Christmas list!

Here are some pictures of SOME of the hats that we have... so come and get some!Even J-Dog is shopping for a hat!

The wall-o-hats is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Happy Trails!


kas0859 said...

This is wonderful! Can we shop at the Christmas party? If we don't have another snow storm from hell, I'll be there! Happy Trails!!!!

kas0859 said...

Sorry- I didn't mean it was wonderful for the tack shop to go out of business :( Just happy you guys get to benefit.

Last Chance said...

Yes, we are hoping to sell most of them at the Christmas party! Come on down!

Nicole said...

When is the store open? Which drive to I pull into to get there? I've been meaning to visit the Last Chance Corral for a while, but now I really have to!

kas0859 said...

Last year it snowed like... you know what. If the weather permits, I'd like to bring some stuff down with me. I have some not so good hay, and some medical supplies (needles, syringes,tubing) this is from a friend who passed away. Its all new and in sealed packages. I'll bring whatever else I can come up with, maybe office supplies? Can you use old half way decent blankets and towels? FYI changed my pic to Gambit, still me though! -Kathy, Gambit's Mom ;)

Last Chance said...

Thanks for thinking of us! ANYTHING you can bring will be useful- everything you listed sounds great and will absolutely be used!
Thanks so Much!

aj202314 said...

do you have any gray hats in your stock i am with the mounted pose of the harden coutywe are looking for gray hats for our uniforms thanks

Last Chance said...

We have TONS of gray hats! If you can get all of your hat sizes together, one (or all) of you could come on out for the Christmas party on the 5th of December! I can not guarantee that they will all be the EXACT same style, but depending on how many of you there are, we should be able to get you what you want! Feel free to call the farm to come on out, or show up at the party!