Monday, November 16, 2009

Mailing List Woes!

Hey Everybody!

Here is our invitation for our annual Christmas party. Our mailing list is "compromised" at the moment, so we wanted to let everyone know before they make plans for the fifth of December! To read this invitation, click on it, then zoom in on it... otherwise, it's blurry and difficult to read!
But about our mailing list...
Picture this:
You have a mailing list.
Your mailing list has over 2400 names on it.
You have it saved to Excel.
Excel is a complicated program, yes?
You go to try to send out an invitation to everyone on your mailing list for the Christmas party.
You transfer the names and addresses to Word to make mailing labels...
... only to find that Excel has alphabetized the last names of the people on the list...
...AND their zip codes.
So now, good-old Excel is telling us that everyone with a last name that starts with 'A' lives in a city with a zip code that starts with '1'. Nice, huh?
Needless to say, this is a problem. We are currently spending our lives on to search to make sure that the listings we have are correct.
SOOOO, if you are unlisted, please email us your address if you want to be on our mailing list. We do not send junk mail, but you will get our awesome newsletters!
Actually, if you love us and want to save us some time, please call or email us with your name and address, even if you are listed, so we can get you back on our mailing list!

Thanks, and Happy Trails!

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