Monday, January 18, 2010

Updates and "Just-so-ya-knows"!

Hey There Everyone!

Everything has been running smoothly around the farm. The recent warm(er) weather has caused the ice to melt, and we all know what that means (poop-mud-muck) YAY! The horses have been kept in for the past few days to give the paddocks a chance to drain (made possible by Victoria's endless 'hoe-ing' so the water will flow out), so they are all ready to get outside and get some fresh air!

Anyway, we currently have 6 horses here and two partying at Leah's farm! Raffles (who just came back from his foster home) was quickly adopted by someone who loooves gaited ponies! See? There IS a lid for every pot, as Victoria always says! Amidst all of the drama circling our lovely Lexie, there is some silver lining. Lexie was adopted yesterday by a young girl that is especially talented training Thoroughbreds off of the track. She was actually interested in Lexie BEFORE her whole "nightmare adventure", but at the time, had too many horses in her barn. As soon as she heard that Lexie was back with us, she was determined to make sure that nothing like that ever happened to that beautiful mare again. I'm sure that we will be getting pictures of Lexie in her new home shortly (instead of in the kill pen!!), and congratulations to Katie on the adoption of this WONDERFUL mare!

So here is a list of the horses that we currently have for adoption. Click on their names to go to their webpages!

~ Whiskey (AQHA)
~ Flower (Arab)
~ Burke (QH X Haflinger)
~ Pia (TB)
~ Teak (QH)

There are all on the website, so check them out and give us a call if you are interested in them!!

Here is an update on the whole Lexie thing ( seen on the last blog). Since it is MLK Jr Day, all of the offices that we need to contact are closed. In order to get the consignment slip that the "bad lady" used (and autographed) to sign Lexie up, we have to have "the big dogs"write a letter to the auction owner, then he will send us anything we need. This will all happen tomorrow, so hang tight for the names of the guilty. For now, we're just tiptoeing through the legal mumbo-jumbo at this point, but at least everyone is being cooperative! We'll see what comes of Victoria's research.

For some reason, I can't put pictures up of the horses online, so I am posting pictures of Whiskey on here. Here is a link to Whiskey's YouTube video (I'm warning you now... it's not a high quality one... the ground was hard, and it was cold, but you will get the general idea of how he moves and acts...)

Thanks for reading!

Happy Trails!


Elle said...

What's happened to Lethal Whiskey? Has he found a "forever" home? Elle and Jerry

Last Chance said...

Whiskey was adopted today!!! Isn't that great?