Monday, January 11, 2010

We're Waiting... and waiting...

Hey Everyone!

Lots of new and exciting things have been happening here at the farm in the past few weeks! Horses have been coming and going, and I can proudly say that EVERY horse that we currently have up for adoption is on the website. if a horse is on our website, it is available for adoption!

Here is what has been happening around the farm:
We have the foal barn ready! The nurse mare farms have given us a "heads up", so we are expecting the "come and get 'em" phone call ANY DAY NOW!!! Even after you have been here awhile, the anticipation is still there, and those cute little babies are ALWAYS going to be cute, no matter how many we see! This is a picture of the foal barn as is right now... this is probably the last time you will see it empty until next summer!

We still try to go on occasional trail rides... Victoria LOVES to ride in the snow- but the rest of us prefer our core body temperature to be above zero, so it doesn't happen much. This obviously limits the amount of training that we can do, as well as sale videos and stuff like that. Farm projects are officially put on hold during baby season anyway, but the recent snowstorms jump started that for us this year!

Currently, we only have FOUR horses at the farm! This is only going to last a few hours, though, because Tracy and Victoria just delivered some to their new homes, Burke and Cruiser (who is not currently up for adoption) are partying at Leah's farm, and Victoria and Tracy are bringing a couple home with them tonight. So actually, we aren't down in horses, but for a few hours anyway, I can feel like we "have room" for the billions of horses that are trying to get here.

We have a special mare named Pia right now that needs a very special home. She is a 18 year old TB mare, and she came to us as a starvation case. She is BEAUTIFUL, and she has a kind eye. The problem with her is... are you ready? She is too old to be a baby maker anymore. That's it! She is sound and ridable (no beginners, please), and her ground manners are exquisite! Check her out on our website... Click HERE to go to her page!

I think that that's all for now, folks, but I'm sure that I will have plenty of computeratin' to do as soon as the girls get back with the new horses! As for right now, I'm off to organize all of those "hard to find" items in the milk and medicine room. It's never fun to have a baby that needs care NOW waiting a few extra seconds while you are tearing the room apart looking for that darned whatever-it-is that's hiding from you, ya know?

Happy Trails,


Tinia said...

I have tried to email through the website, but since I've had no luck - they keep getting returned,so I thought it couldn't hurt to respond here and maybe someone would see this posting. My email address for response it

"We currently have two equines, a horse and a pony, that are rescues. The first was a true rescue

that was sold to a meat buyer and originally an Amish horse.

His name is Happy, and he is about 10 years old. He is a Kentucky Saddlebred.

He is 100% broke to ride, and a beginner can ride him. He is quite tall. About 16hh and 1150 or so lbs. He is Chestnut, and he would make a wonderful horse 4h or something similar.

The second is a pony that was fairly well kept, just a bit underfed but owned by a perpetual horse trader and destined to be set to home after home and auction after auction before we got her.

Her name is Lucy. She is approx. 12.3 hh and 600 lbs. She is approx. 3 years old.

She is Black and White Tobiano, and she is gaited. She is very, very people friendly, leads well and is easy to work with (trimmings, shots, etc), but she is not broke to ride.

Before we got her over a year ago, she had been ridden, but only by an experienced teenage rider. She would be very easy to break and train as she loved people so very well.

She is simply one of the prettiest ponies you will ever see.

We have kept them UTD on wormings, floats and trims. They are both a good weights, though Happy has lost a lot of muscle since our recent move and our inability to give him much turn out beyond our round pen.

They are very well bonded and love each other, but I know having someone adopt them together is not likely, though I wish that could work out.

With the impending birth of our 2 child (giving us two boys under 2), we know we must

find new homes for these two, as affording and giving enough time to 6 equines is nearly going to be impossible for us. We've invested a lot in the Arabians we have, as that was always a dream of mine, keeping and raising Arabs, and I could never hope, in this market, to touch the base of what we have in them, so we are left only with finding new homes for Happy and Lucy because we must keep our son's 20 yr old pony, as he is what my son take's lessons on.

I do not feel very comfortable placing them through classified ads because of the horse trades and meat buyers and such out there.

I feel they are horses people would like and enjoy and not be hard to place however.

Neither are too old or have health conditions limiting what they can do, and both are very nice looking.

I understand many rescues are overloaded, and if you do not have room, that is certainly understandable, but if you do have room for these guys, please let me know.

I am getting ready give them their yearly vaccinations and 6-8 week hoof trims in the next week. Transport to the rescue is something we can provide. Happy will come with his new winter blanket, though he doesn't need it with his coat, if need be.
We have photos on our site and more can be emailed -"

Sandy Rock Acres said...

I too have tried to email through the website, but can't get through...I had some questions regarding a situation I have with my horses (don't worry, I am not looking to get rid of them), but thought maybe someone with some horse rescue experience could help.....Is there an email address I can reach the owner/operators of Last Chance at? Mine is


Last Chance said...

Hey everyone!
Instead of trying to email us through the website, try to email us from your email host... hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc... then punch in We should get any emails through this address, as long as you do not send emails through the website!

kas0859 said...

Rachel- Sorry I've been away from your sight for awhile. I've been busy with my campaign to end the export of equines for slaughter. There can never be enough voices. Also, trying to educate people about the current Bureau of Land Mgmt
round-ups. Trying to end the continuing "gathers" that are stockpiling wild horses in holding facilities without a long-term, cost effective plan to take care of them. I'll get off my high horse now! Your current batch of rescue-es are lovely, as always I spread the word about your organization every chance I get. Is it okay with LCC if I/we contact folks on your blog directly looking to re-home horses? I may have just the spot for Tinia's little pony? Thanks so much, all the girls at the office are waiting for the new babies! -Kathy-

Carolyn said...

I know the foals are coming - so I also wanted you to know that my donation is also headed in your direction. Thanks again for all you do for these babies. Sending you $1K.
Best wishes,

kmiller963 said...

Hope this is an ok spot for my question. Is Last Chance going to be at the Equine Affaire this year....will there be foals? We missed seeing you last year and will not make that same mistake twice:) We have been rearranging our stalls in hopes to adopt this spring. I keep checking the site for foal updates...we are very excited:)

Last Chance said...

Hey There Everyone!
Last Chance WILL be at the equine Affaire this year... we really cannot afford NOT to be! It is ok to try and find homes for other horses on this blog.. that actually helps us out, becuause the horses that are posted on here are ones that we might have to turn away otherwise... so you are actually really helping US find homes for horses. We are anxiously awaiting the babies... we are waiting for the phone call any day now! We are all set and ready for those bumbling little babies to come through our barn doors!
Thanks Everyone!

kmiller963 said...

Speaking of what age are the babies adopted out? Is there any way to get a feel for personality at such a young age..calm vs. fiesty? We live on a family farm where we span in age from 7-77! My entire family is so seriously excited to adopt. We have finally completed our barn and have amazing animals..but have one stall standing empty...we are just waiting for a little foal:)

Last Chance said...

Hey There!
Our babies are adopted out as soon as they are stable. This could mean that we adopt them out when they are a few days old, or a few months. It depends on the enperience level of the adoptive family, and how well the foal is doing. You can DEFINITELY tell the personality of the foals... Spending an hour here will prove that for you... there is always one that tugs on your jacket, and others that show no interest in people at all. Personalities are definitely evident, even at such a young age. Also, with the babies, we adopt them out in pairs... they do much better, and the friend provides them with the 'horsie companionship' that they lost when they left their moms. If you are interested in adopting, please call the farm! (740)-594-4336! Thanks!

kmiller963 said...

Thanks for the info! I will have to figure out stall space if we need to adopt 2. We have a QH gelding and an old and kind draft cross. We only have 1 more stall. I will be watching the website and giving you a call. We will also be at Equine Affaire! I can't wait to come to Athens..I went to OU back in the day!

Thanks again!!