Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I updated the last post, so now everyone can see pictures of the Sugarcreek horses. Thank you for your patience- and sorry for the hold-up.
That aside, all of the horses have received the necessary care that they might have needed before getting adopted out into new homes. They have all received their shots (the 5-way, Lepto, and West Nile), they have all been wormed, and they have all had their feet done. We took two to the vet (Romance for a check up and Raffles to remove his 'wedding tackle'). Echo's leg is healing well, and he should be sound for riding within the next few days. I fell in love with him, so he will be going home with me. Shotzi's knee is not bothering her any more, and Stacey is riding her as we are typing this. She is such a sweetheart! She gaits and trots, but either way she is extremely smooth to ride! Romance is going to be Leah's long awaited partner, and will live out the rest of her life in her grassy pasture, only to be interrupted for treats or a relaxing trail ride. Burke has turned out to be the perfect gentleman with personailty plus! He rides and is sooooo quiet, just uneducated. If anyone is looking for the PERFECT future husband horse, he is the guy for you! Raffles came back from the vet this morning minus his testosterone, and he is ready to be loved on and is munching down all of the good hay he can get ahold of. We found out that he is three instead of two, so he should be the perfect size for someone who is looking for a medium pony. Braut is not as 'broke to ride' as the the auctioneer told us, but we haven't been able to test him to see if he can drive, yet. He was willing when I jumped on him yesterday, it was just very obviously new to him. Julie is extremely sweet and gentle, very well mannered, and we feel safe putting a little, nervous child on her RIGHT NOW!! Stacy fell in love with her and will be taking her up to her farm in Delaware so she can put some training time into her. After some training, she will be taken to the Delaware Classic and will be adopted out in hopes of raising funds to rescue some more horses. Ford is a quiet sweetheart that is eager to please. He is very inquisitive and is just a darling. He is available for adoption, and his adoption fee will continue as he is worked with more. Rolling Stone is a Walker X... a trail horse deluxe! He was nervous when he came, but then again- think of what he just went through... who wouldn't be nervous? The second day I rode him, he relaxed a great deal. He is responsive and quiet, and has no 'iffy spots' on the trail! If anyone is looking for a good sized horse that is not afraid to get down and dirty on the trail, give us a call!
Here's a recap: The horses that are currently available for adoption are Burke, Raffles, Julie (with special consideration), Ford, Braut, Rolling Stone, and Shotzi. Give us a call for your next best friend!

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