Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sugar Creek

Hey all,

We are going to the Sugar Creek Sale Friday, June 12th, to purchase some horses that would otherwise head north to the slaughter houses. We have started a fund specifically for the Sugar Creek Horses. If you are interested in Donating to this cause, please send a check payable to the Last Chance Corral and mail to:

Last Chance Corral
5350 US 33 South
Athens, Ohio 45701

Memo: Sugar Creek Rescues

Note: If we do not get your check in time for this sale, we will keep it in our "Sugarcreek fund" for the next time we go,
The horses will thank you!

1 comment:

MACPhD said...

Hi, If someone shows up at Sugar Creek on June 12th with a trailer and a checkbook would you be willing to share your expertise? MACPhD