Friday, June 26, 2009

Ponies, Ponies, Ponies!!!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry that the blogs are so few and far between, it is difficult to sit down and write with so much going on around here! Today, Victoria brought the new pony back from the vet. He is soooo cute! Quinn is a Gypsy Vanner/Fresian with the BEST personality ever!! We went to go see him for the first time, Victoria said "Jump on him!" and I did... only to find that he is the QUIETEST 2 year old ever! Victoria immediately decided that he MUST come home with us, and here he is! He went to the vet to get rid of his "jewelry" and get all of his shots, and now he is ready for traiing here at the farm!! We are keeping him for our Delaware Classic fundraiser, and he will be up for adoption then! Stay tuned for updates on Quinn!
Demon (Pants), our Morgan, found a home Thursday. Shotzi did as well. Thank you to everyone who sponsored her rescue and rehab. Joey will be heading off to his new home soon, and Ford also found the perfect home where his job will be trail riding and relaxing with his new mule friends! Good Luck Ford!!
Victoria took my Sugarcreek horse (Echo) to the vet on Thursday to see what was wrong with him. His hock (where he got kicked) was better, but he still seemed to be sore everywhere. Since she had extra room in the trailer, she took him to Pete's. Pete examined him and found that he had ringbone in three of his four legs, and since it was only going to get progressivly worse, the decision was made to put him down. Stacey made sure to give him LOTS of grain right before to make him happy, something we do here to say 'thank you' for everything. Some may say that saving Echo from the slaughter house was a waste, but instead of being shipped to Canada, he died with dignity and love. He deserved nothing less, and he will be missed.

Happy trails, the horses are calling!
~Rachel (Stretch)


JeniQ said...

Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you..

You give horses with no hope, hope and those that are too far gone a humane and loving ending... so again


nora said...

Dignity and love two key words here. God bless you.

KAS said...


penny.zachariah said...

I am in tears as I type, thank you for being humane. After seeing horses being slaughtered in mexico/canada it will never leave my mind or heart for that matter (broke my heart). They put the horse in a chute and stab them with spikes to severe the spinal cord in neck, then they watch themselves get cut up into bits. Slaughtered Alive, terrible way to die. Thank you for helping horses and helping them die with dignity and respect as they so dearly deserve. You are an angel.