Sunday, January 25, 2009

Got Snow?!

Greetings from the fantastically frosty midwest! We are like any and everyone else, at this time of year, battleing frozen pipes, buckets and fingers. I love the cold-REALLY, I excel in the stuff. Winter is probably my favorite time of year.
It is the only season, during which, I can have my favorite ride. If I was only allowed one opportunity per year to ride, it would be in the winter, with snow on the ground...under a full moon. If you have never done this, you have not truely lived! The road, a magical ribbon of moonlight...quiet, peaceful...MAGICAL! So if there is snow and a moon, you know where you will find me!
The foals have not started in yet, but we are fully prepared for the arrival! All the supplies are lined up, stalls cleaned and bedded, my whisk stands at the ready for that first call to arms! We have our new driver, Tammy, on standby for the hauls back and forth to KY. She's used to driving those big logging trucks, so a mere horsetrailer should be a snap. Actually she has spent years chauffering her daughter and her horses back and forth to shows. I count us lucky to have her services at our disposal.
Lauren is still in Florida, grooming dressage horses and making some money (regrettably, we can't pay very well here at the corral...) and making more connections while learning. I KNOW her days are long...from 5am to 7pm! But I'm sure she's maintaining her usually sunny, bubbly self. Leah is filling in for Lauren in her absence. Really filling in--she's even living her her room, cuddling up at night with Miss Kitty (our feline matriarch).

Karen (Xena) has taken on "Zen" as her project. We hope to have him looking "spankingly sharp" by Spring.

Leah has been practicing her riding on Isaac, who poses a series of non-stop challenges for her. He is an opinionated block-head sometimes. I prefer to think of him as a great educator! Hard won lessons!

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