Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

"We don't often get or take the time to have the fun that everyone should. I will tell you this, it renews your soul, feeds your heart and strengthens your resolve with the best gift there is - LAUGHTER!

The recent storms may have crippled movement in and around our area, leaving many without electricity, phones, etc. Stuck at home? Work done? I've got an idea!! Let's look at the up side of these storms and make the most out of what they give us instead of what they take away.
Crashing into the soft stuff and laughing all the way home. No T.V.? Try a puzzle by candle light, mending that mountain of broken halters or writing those long-overdue letters. But FIRST - get out into that snow. Where the air is a little sweeter, laughter bursts and bubbles down the slope, and a friend's smile is a little more beautiful with the addition of soft white highlights on chilled, ruby cheeks. When you're done, warm your frozen pinkies by the fire and laugh a little more while regaling the tales of your snowy adventure, wonderfully exhausted by the effects of creating this forever winter memory." -Victoria

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scout said...

You certainly have a way with words, Victoria. You make it all sound so beautiful and exciting.