Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, this blog is being posted by Karen (Karibou), while Lauren is enjoying a little vacay, and I only get down here on a weekend now and again, so this blog is making up for lost time. It's been BUSY here over the past few weeks as you can guess by lack of blogs...Parties, weddings, the festivities seemed to be ENDLESS (and so did the preparations and cleanups for everyone!) Needless to say, the foal barn is ready for 2009! Fluffy shavings are awaiting for the first batch of foals, and the first delivery of milk is stacked away in the barn ($4K) like our own Fort Knox. One bag would feed one foal for one week. So multiply that times 10 or 15...over and over from now to get the picture...We'll be needing another shipment all too soon. Along with that, we are desperate for some soft, green timothy/alfalfa to feed the babies. Spread the word to all your connections! The satellite concept was just a success, maybe we could do that for the babies. A few bales here and there, tucked away for a bulk pickup (or delivery!) adds up to happy, healthy foals!

CeeCee goes for surgery on Jan 6th at Milliron Clinic to remove the huge kidney stone that's the size of a basketball. (No wonder he had incontinance issues!) Thanks to the generous donations from his current and previous owners, his surgery bill is covered, and he is expected to make a quick recovery. Isn't it nice when we get happy endings?

Kathy Lee from Rhode Island has a Belgian and a 16h Palomino Qtr. horse ready to head west. If anyone is heading that way, we have someone willing to meet us half-way in PA, and could sure use the help. Time away from the farm is less time for the babies that will be arriving any day now.

Victoria has been wrestling (...armed with only a hoe and shovel, mind you!) with the endless drainage problems around here, and is engineering a system along the lower barn entrance that will hopefully prevent the quagmire we normally get at the base of the driveway in the winter. Repair and improvements are neverending! I hate to think of what needs to be done this Spring...the lower barn and many fence posts were put in using untreated now they are rotting loose...we've already lost a few gates to this engineering shortfall. Construction is not the place to cut corners, so Victoria is taking it upon herself to get it done right this time. Little by little...If you have contruction materials, or time/equipment you can donate to help preserve what we have before it deteriorates beyond repair, STEP UP! Electrical, plumbing, engineering expertise...we need it all here!

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