Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time out for a little fun!

Yesterday, Karen (that's Xena, Princess Warrior to you...) and Karen (Karibou) took a few of the boys out for a test drive. Xena on Bob...who is now known as Solid Citizen, or Zen (I agree, Bob just didn't do him justice...) and Karibou on Issac. (the name fits him). Zen was just a dream, but needed a little reassurance to go down an embankment, and a lot more patience near the creek. Karen stood fast, and got him to put his toes in the mud, and it was deemed a successful day. He moved across the field beautifully, practically floating! Not hard with the warrior princess on your back, I'm sure! Issac gave Karibou her lesson in horsemanship. Nothing major, just a teenage butthead trying to test a fairly green rider. A few quick circles, a firm word or two, and he figured out he better behave. I wasn't gonna let him get one over on me, and kept him in check everytime he tried to tense up and scare me off. (Remember, he's the lazy horse who got sent back...I'm' guessing he figured out a few tricks to get greenies off his back.) Within the hour, he was riding very well, remembering that he knows how to neckreign, and has a really sweet, smooth trot. I'm pretty green, so you can be sure he's ok for a confident newby. I'd say we both packed in a lesson this time around. I'd post pics, but haven't figured out how to post them in the blog. Lauren!!! We need you!


KAS said...

I'm so glad somebody is having some fun! The official "tax season" has begun. I'm already looking forward to April 15th and beyond! Have fun you crazy girls! Congrats to Triumph (and Victoria)on his new home. When are the babies coming? And yes, Lauren we miss you!

Stretch said...

Rachel and Zack here... just wanted to say congrats on your blog and your new website- it looks great!! If you guys need volunteers, give us a call, or we'll just stop by, whichever comes first. See ya later!
Love y'all! ~us