Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does anyone like surprises???

So get this...

We dropped Echo off at the vet to be put down, right? Today, though, Victoria found out that Pete (our awesomely awesome vet) decided that he was just too sweet for any of that. Pete found him a retirement home with Todd Swearington of Amesville, where he will be a companion-only horse for the rest of his life. Todd's horse (another LCC alum) needed a friend, and Echo was just what was needed. Don't you just love surprise endings to life stories???

Spencer and Hershey Kiss graduated (yet again) to the bottom barn where they will be led and messed with daily. We need to start playing with them so they will be perfect gentlemen by the Delaware Classic!

We are now down to 8 horses, so we may be seeing another Sugarcreek trip on the horizon! We still have 3 left to place from the last sale (Rolling Stone, Raffles, and Julia) and as soon as those are adopted out, we will probably be heading north for more! Spread the word if anyone you know needs a good trail horse (Stoney), an exquisite pony (Julie), or the perfect project pony (Raffles). The sooner these are placed (or possibly fostered) the sooner we can bail out more from Sugarcreek!

The horses are calling, Happy Trails!

~Rachel (Stretch)


KAS said...

God has a way they say of opening one door when He closes another. Bless you Doc and way to score Echo! You mentioned another run to Sugarcreek may be possible. Some donations I've "collected" (begged & borrowed) are heading your way for the next liberation mission. I knew that place was horrible, but after reading many articles, blogs and news stories I am having trouble sleeping. You girls are so brave to go there, I hope you know how much we all love and appreciate you. THANK YOU. You also mentioned fostering... I will work on my presentation to Victoria, so maybe I can become a foster mom in the near future. ;)

kelly said...

i love surprises.keep up the good work i hope to get another horse from you soon

nora said...

I love surprises! YEA! What a great way to start the July 4th holiday! I am soo happy for Echo
This absolutely makes my weekend! I am so tickled


gramsee said...

what if you see a possible case of abuse?Will you all go look?

MACPhD said...

Great news!! Great Vet!!! Bless all of you.

Last Chance said...

We can go check out a potential neglect/abuse case, but unless the property/horse owners allow us, we are not allowed to go on the land. Your best bet would be to call your local humane officer, and have them come on out. Call Victoria (740)-594-4336 and tell her the situation, she will be able to guide you further!