Monday, July 27, 2009

New Thoroughbred Information

Here are some pictures of the new Thoroughbreds we just got in. We gave them all barn names, and they are as follows:

1. Gray Mare: "Workin' Girl", 16hh. This mare is a NICE mare, built like a Quarter Horse. She would be excellent for barrel racing, as she has that little western jog. She can, however, extend out (as you can see in the picture) into a NICE english trot. I will be working with her to get her to relax... maybe someone can use her in the western world??

2. Black Mare: "Desire", 16.2hh. This is a big, bold mare with courageous movement. Perfect angles, up and down. If I were looking for a prospect, I wouldn't need to look any further, and neither should you. She is everything that you "desire"... that is , if you want to win!

3. Black Gelding: "Doppler", 16+hh. Scopey movement! He is a classy, friendly, gentlemanly, eventer-type prospect. He has incredible movement, and is extremely easy on the eyes. He is sound as a dollar. He just came off of the track two days ago, and is enjoying his new found freedom. He can even tell you if it's gonna rain, because he uses Doppler radar. However, he is NOT going to work for the weather channel. He wants to go and work for you!

4. Bay Gelding: Kessler. 16.2hh. He seems even bigger than that, he stands so regally. His previous owner paid $150K as a weanling. He free jumps in the pasture, and shows great promise. He just needs more time and training, as do all of these thoroughbreds.

I posted all of their ages on the last blog. You can call for more information. Please understand that these horses are straight off of the track and they all need further training. I am going to be the only person working with these TBs, and unless Karen or Stacy come out to ride them, they will only be worked with with the spare time that I have. I will try, though, to mess with at least some of them every day, but I can't guarantee how much. As for adoption fees, all of them are available for the fee of $500, and we will raise the price as they improve. They are, however, up for adoption now (as prospects).

I'm going to go play with one of them right now... so I've gotta go! I'll definitely keep everyone posted on their progress... or even better, you could come one out and see for yourself!!

Happy Trails, the horses are calling,
~Rachel (aka Stretch)

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