Sunday, July 5, 2009

'Ello, Govnah!!

Today we had a taste of England down on the farm. A wonderful English lady named Val came from Newark today and adopted Burke! He is such a sweetheart, and she absolutely fell in love with him! He will be heading home early tomorrow morning to green pastures... and a flock of sheep! Val informed us that she will be renaming him 'Silk', because in England, Burke is a negative name... a burke is a geek!! Our Burke (Silk) is definitely NOT a geek. You learn something new every day, huh? Best of luck Val and Burke (Silk)!!!

Everyone seems to be calling asking when we are going back to Sugarcreek, and what they can do to help. I understand that it is exciting... rescuing horses from the sale, but what happens to the horses AFTER the sale is just as important! Until the horses that we have already saved (and committed our services to) are adopted out into loving homes (or foster homes) we can't save any more. So if you are one of the lucky (and few) individuals that hasn't filled ALL of their stalls quite yet, PLEASE consider fostering! There are hundreds of horses passing through every Friday that would LOVE a second chance! If you (like most horse people) can't squeeze another horse, pony, or mini on your property, spread the word and harass your horsie friends!

One idea that Victoria has had for the longest time is to motivate riding stables (where you ride, board your horse, etc...) to keep one stall available for LCC 'foster children'. Then, they could take in one foster horse at a time, place it, and foster another. That would open up so many potential homes for that foster horse, and it would also spread the word about the Corral, and in turn, allow us to save more lives. It could turn into an 'adoption outreach' of sorts, and who knows how many horses could be saved?? Consider pitching that idea to that big 'equine facility' near you!

To answer everyone's questions, here is a recap:
1. Yes, we are planning to go back to Sugarcreek!
2. No, not until the Sugarcreek horses we already have have been adopted out.
3. Yes, as soon as we have set a date, I will make sure EVERYONE knows via this blog.
4. Yes, you CAN help... either by adding to our Sugarcreek fund when it gets closer to sale time, or by getting someone you know to foster/adopt a horse that was saved on the last trip.

Last year, we only went to Sugarcreek once... lets try to go at least two more times this year!! As a challenge, let's see what we can do!!

There's some crazy person outside honking their horn, so I have to go 'investigate'! Haha.

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!
~Rachel ('Stretch')

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