Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've got an 'eye' for cute babies!

Hershey Kiss (above) is finally available for adoption! This foal may not look like much right now, but he will be Okie Dokie. Hershey was lactose intolerant and had a terrible time with with his digestive system throughout his first two months. Despite our best efforts he just could-not, would-not flourish. Our vet gave him the once over.... then the twice over. He is now eating "big horse" food and vitamins, etc, and has started to turn the corner. What he REALLY needs is green grass and that is something that we just can't provide!! He is a bay Morgan X and is waiting every day to be welcomed into your home! He has had his shots, been wormed, and even had his first hoof trimming done!! If you can offer this sweet baby your love, give us a call!

Who else is available for adoption?? Spencer is, for sure! (pic below)
(Victoria decided to do the following write-up... to tell 'the story' of Spencer's eye)
Spencer Tracy: "Spencer" is growing up to be quite a stunning specimen! Spencer got his name for two reasons... First, because Tracy fell in love with the little tiny pre-me when he initially arrived at the farm. Secondly, he was just a handsome fellow that seemed to possess an old soul... or was he only acting? Spence grew and thrived like a squash plant on a manure pile.

One morning, Tracy came to me with panic in her voice- Spencer had torn his eyelid... REALLY torn his eyelid. it was hanging by about a 1/4 inch piece at the front of his eye. We quickly got our colt to Milliron Clinic where Dr Smith surgically corrected his injury. We brought him home, grateful for the wonderful job that he did. His eyelid was saved, and all of his lashes too! Needless to say, our elevated mood was shortlived. The little dickens managed to itch, rub, and render the surgery "undone" Two days later, there he stood with his delicate little eyelid hanging by a thread... just as it had BEFORE surgery! Back to Milliron Clinic we went. Spencer underwent his second surgery on his eyelid. Once again, the skilled hands of Dr Smith. masterfully restored the colt's eyelid to a more normal arrangement.

The next morning, the clinic called me saying that Spencer could FINALLY come home. Before I even got to the hospital (NO, I don't even have to make this stuff up...) He pulled it apart AGAIN! No Way... it's UNBELIEVABLE! I was pretty sure that you can't perform 3 surgeries on one thin eyelid, so I figured that he would just lose his eye. I also figured that instead of putting that colt under EVER AGAIN- this would seem like the perfect time to geld him, and that would make it more difficult to raise that hind foot to itch the lid... or sutures from the eye removal itself.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... I was bound and determined that I could improvise a device to prevent any further repeat performances by the brilliant Dr Smith. A thick head bumper, a hard salad bowl, a foal halter, some straps from a suitcase, a power drill, waxed thread, and a determined Victoria at the helm... oh yes... necessity is the mother of invention! Best of all, Pete saved his eye... AGAIN, and the contraption worked. The results speak for themselves! ~Victoria
Can you guess which eye had the surgeries???Pretty amazing, huh? It's the bottom picture (his left eye). I think that it looks even better than his REAL eye! Haha. Way to go Pete!

But seriously, if you are interested a tall in adopting either of the babies, PLEASE give us a call... (740)-594-4336

Happy Trails, the horses are calling!
~Rachel (Stretch)

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nora said...

Dr. Pete is a great guy. Thank you over and over. Wonderful job with Spencer and so many others I have read about. God bless you, sincerly.