Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the late-night post, we were busy cleaning up the horses and loading the trailer for the show tomorrow! For those of you who aren't aware already, we are heading up to the Hartford County Fairgrounds tomorrow (Sunday) for their Fall-Round Up Show! The show is being put on by the ICPHA (Independent Contest and Pleasure Horse Association) and is going on Sunday only.

These are the horses that we are taking:
1. Prince
2. Azrack
3. Billy
4. Zen (more than likely, but he might stay if we don't have enough room in the trailer!)

We are going to this show for a number of reasons. First, we are spreading the word about Last Chance, the work the we do, and what we are all about. Secondly, we are showing the public what horses we have for adoption, and we are proving to the public that yes, rescue horses are just as good as any other horse! Thirdly, we are giving the horses show experience, which furthers their training, making them quieter and better adjusted to EVERYTHING! We also get to have fun showing them, and that's not too bad, either.

You should sincerely think about coming out (go to for more info and directions) to see the Last Chance Corral girls and their AWESOME horses. ALL of these horses are up for adoption, so if you are in a 'shopping' kinda mood, bring your trailer. ALL of these horses are guaranteed, so if it doesn't work out, bring them back and we will match you up with something better suited to your needs! Come on, everyone, you know that when we go, we go big... so let's all pull together and find some horses homes at this event! We will get there around 10:30-11am, and I will have my cell phone on me all day, so if you need directions, or can't find us, call me and well will hook ya up! See you tomorrow!

Come on out and support your favorite horse rescue!

Happy Trails (or show pen, I guess!),


JeniQ said...

Good Luck !!!

OnTheBit said...

Good Luck and have fun at the show!! I know that every time I go to a show people ask about my colored pony (he is an appy and we show dressage...not that common around me) and I always spread the word that way. Showing is such a great way to show what these rescues can do! When they see my calm 5 year old (he was a nurse mare foal) who doesn't even have a year under saddle doing so well they are always impressed. I think you need to make LCC saddle pads to sell so those of us that do show on rescues from LCC can show our pride!

kas0859 said...

Hey- We went to the show, it was great! I love Billy, he was great in the ring and looked like he was having a good time. Prince was awesome people really noticed him, such a professional. Azrack started a little nervous in the ring, but was relaxed and dozing in the sun by the end of the day. Nothing phased any of them, and they were all perfect gentlemen. If anybody needs a GREAT horse any one of these guys should fit the bill. Thanks last chance ladies for a great show!

uniqueygirl said...

How did the show go? Do you have any pictures?