Monday, September 7, 2009

Worms and Truck Problems!

Hey everyone!

This summer has seemed to bring us many sick and injured horses. We are having to provide vaccines, hoof care, worming, and elevated nutrition to many (if not all) of these horses just to get them back to "working order". We are not complaining, but we are using a large amount of dewormer. If anyone wants to donate some dewormer, that would be great. We can use anything... from the regular stuff to the fancy-schmancy anti-tapeworm stuff. Any brand can be used, and even close-dated (or newly expired) dewormer would be helpful to us. Remember, you can get a tax write off, and that warm fuzzy feeling!

For those of you that are into the "bigger donations", we are in need of a RELIABLE truck. Last Chance has two- the Ford, and the Dodge, and it seems that at one time or another, we are in need of two vehicles. Foal season is rapidly approaching, and we are scrambling to get reliable transportation going (imagine us stranded with 15 foals in the trailer in January because the truck broke down... NOT GOOD!). My truck was helpful last season and this summer, but it is also having some mechanical problems, and is not able to start 'hauling' again until it gets fixed. Victoria's Ford is in the shop with all of it's $100,000 worth of perpetual problems, and the brakes on the dodge went out... again. Victoria was lucky this time... she jack-knifed it and wrecked, but no one was seriously hurt... and no horses were in the back. Now the whole rig shakes when you go faster than about 50mph. Not good. We just need some good truck karma. Let us know if you know of anyone that is in need of a big tax write off or has a big truck sitting in their driveway that they aren't using. I know it is asking for a lot, but if we don't ask, people won't know that we are in need. Spread the word, the horses are calling!

Happy Trails,
~Rachel "Stretch"

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kas0859 said...

I'm keeping my eye out for a truck (or two) and spreading the word about wormer, etc. Some things I've gathered are on the way to Victoria. I hope it helps.