Thursday, September 24, 2009

Available Horses

Hey everyone!

We have had some requests for a blog that shows all of the horses that we have for adoption. Here are their names/descriptions, and we will post pictures tomorrow or the day after! There are several more horses at the farm than what are listed below, but they are currently not available for adoption. As they become available, they will be put on the blog. ALL of our horses are up to date on ALL of their shots, their feet have been done (shoes if needed), and they are on a worming schedule. Here we go!!

5 year old black TB mare. Off the track, but going nicely under saddle. She is built exceptionally well and has a sweet personality. If you want to win, check out this mare!! Though she is a forgiving mare, she needs an intermediate/experienced rider. Click here for her YouTube video! She is 16.2hh. $500

Black TB gelding, 16+hh. 9 years old. Scopey movement! He is a classy, friendly, gentlemanly, eventer-type prospect. He has incredible movement, and is extremely easy on the eyes. He is sound as a dollar. He has a wonderful personality, and at one time was owned by Jenny Craig! He can even tell you if it's gonna rain, because he uses Doppler radar. However, he is NOT going to work for the weather channel. He wants to go and work for you! $500

Bay TB gelding, 16.2hh. 6 years old. He seems even bigger than that, he stands so regally. His previous owner paid $150K as a weanling. He is REALLY quiet under saddle, and shows great promise. He just needs more time and training, as do all of these thoroughbreds that are off of the track. $500

Trakhener/TB gelding, 15 years old, 16.2hh. Black with light hooves, he is professional under saddle, and would make you a perfect show horse. He has done three day event, he was jumping three feet. Because of his pronounced withers, he has been pinched with the saddle. He is now expecting to be pinched again... if you saddle him slowly, and warm him up correctly, he is fine. Even Victoria, having broken her neck twice, felt confident enough to jump on him and take him for a spin. He is too smart for a dead beginner, but a confident advanced beginner would do fine. $1,000

13 year old registered Appaloosa gelding. Mostly QH breeding, his registered name is Impressive Proof, and he placed 2nd in the Appaloosa World Show in Halter! He has been shown western, english, he has been in parades. He is sound and sane, he jumped at 2'6" at his last home where he had been purchased for a 9 year olds first ride. He has also done color guard at events and parades. We have ridden him on the road, a semi could whizz by an arms length away and he wouldn't twitch. Great in water, an excellent trail horse. A consummate gentleman in the ring. He crossties, clips, loads, you name it! This horse is LOADED with all of the options! AND he has a nice head! $1,500

3 Year old gray POA cross? Around 13hh. He trots and he gaits. Click HERE to see his previous blog post. The other horse in that post (Lil Guy) is no longer available for adoption. Raffles is, though!!! His price has been lowered, obviously, and is negotiable to a good home. He doesn't know great deal, as his time on earth has been brief. He won't buck or rear under saddle, he tends to be lazy. He is definitely a project for an older child or a small adult. The only thing wrong with this pony is that he was owned by some "candle burning, no car using folk" and was treated as farm equipment. That being said, he is a little bit standoffish until he gets to know you. Unlimited potential. $250

6 year old APHA gelding, 16h. Click HERE to see his blog post, and click on his name below to see his YouTube video! He is one of our fundraisers for Foal Season! $3,000

10 year old Paint gelding 15+hh. Click HERE to see his blog post, and click on his name below to see his YouTube video! He is one of our fundraisers for Foal Season! $2,000

5 month old Nurse mare foal! We think he is a Haflinger cross, but who knows? This baby is a PERFECT little thing, and you can see his blog posts if you click HERE. His adoption fee will say $800 on that blog, but it was lowered to $400 to make room for others. Click on his name below to see his YouTube video! $400


Prince, Spencer, and Azrack are listed previously on the blog. Click to see their YouTube videos!
Prince click his name to see his video!
Azrack click his name to see his video!
Spencer click his name to see his video!

Happy Trails, The horses are calling!


corto_por_favor said...
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corto_por_favor said...

Wasn't Destiny adopted?

She's the one that I really liked when you first posted about the Thoroughbreds.


tcoGc said...

Would love to see a picture of Billy!

crazy4horses said...

I would love to see a picture of Link!