Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Weather Calls for MORE RIDING!!

Hey Everyone!
Now that the BIG bugs (the B-52 bugs, as Victoria calls them) are pretty much gone and the weather is cooling down, we are getting out to ride more! I have ridden a BUNCH this past week, and even Victoria has been on a few horses! This is fun for us, and great for the horses- both physically and mentally! The horses that we ride on the trails are getting quieter and more bombproof with each and every ride, and it is a relaxing change from all of the work around here. To top it all off, Leah's house is about 1.5 miles away from the farm, so riding up to her house is a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Here's a story... after work one day, I w
anted to make some 'instant pudding'. As luck would have it, we didn't have any milk. Any other person would just hop in their truck and go to the store to get milk... or just live without instant pudding for the night. Not me! I saddled up Azrack and rode him to Leah's house to get milk... all Little House on the Prairie style! I showed up at her house and she started laughing, saying how I looked like a little kid on my little paint pony with my pigtails and big grin. It was awesome. My 'instant pudding' turned into my 'two hour pudding', but that wasn't the point. The point was that we finally have nice enough weather (and horses) to go out on a 'just for fun' trail ride! Azrack was WONDERFUL!!! I rode him on a TOTALLY loose rein the whole time- the only time I had to touch his mouth was to get him to stop in Leah's driveway. He does trail rides alone, with cars going, through the creek, up hills, near barking dogs... all without batting an eye! This horse is really special- if anyone you know is interested in a GOOD, SOLID horse like Azrack, give us a call. He goes anywhere... even to get you milk!

On another note, for everyone that remembers Link, the black Hanoverian/TB we had earlier this spring, he is back! His owner decided that she wanted more of a plod along trail horse, so she brought Link back (a total professional when it come to showing) and adopted Trucker. Congratulation to Monica West... Good luck with Trucker! Now that we have Link back, we have another awesome horse that is available for adoption! Give us a call if you are the eventer-type, he is up to date on everything!

Prince of Hearts, our 6year old APHA gelding (you can see his video on YouTube under "LCC Prince of Hearts") is now available for adoption! We are putting his adoption fee at $3,000 to a great home. 100% of his proceeds will go to foal season this year... and we really need it! This horse is 100% sound and is show quality to the max. Let all of your western pleasure friends know that we have a NATURAL here at the Last Chance Corral... they won't be disappointed!

Below is an artsy picture that Victoria took yesterday of Judith (a friend of the LCC who's adopted many horses with her mother) with Prince, who is done with his rehabilitation!

Well, the horses are calling... I have to go soak an abscessed foot (Doppler... he's right off of the track, so he's still prone to abscesses). I'll catch you all on the flip side!

Happy Trails!

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