Sunday, October 18, 2009

So You've Heard of Barn Raisings, Right?

How-da-lee-doo-da-lee Neighbor!

So everyone has heard of a barn raising, right? Where family and friends all get together and build a barn in no time at all with lots of laughs, food, and good cheer? Now picture that, except we are actually RAISING A BARN UP... the upp
er barn, one stall at a time. The way that it is now, we don't really know WHAT is holding it up... if anything really is. It might be holding itself up, waiting for that day to come when it "settles"... a foot lower than it is right now. Victoria decided to do something about it, and thanks to Pete (long time LCC friend) and 'girl-power', we are getting it done. Here are some pictures of the barn... I am including captions above each picture.

Anyone see DAYLIGHT? We do! And look- GRASS!

Here is a corner... and you can see that NOTHING is holding the stall up- it is all rotted and gone!

Pete demonstrating his expertise! Thank God for Pete!

This is a neat picture... one stall is getting fixed while the next one is getting prepped!

Tracy just loves working on the barn floor in the cold!

The finished product!

Look at that fancy-schmancy stall!
Happy Trails,


A_Mom_of_7 said...

Wow...It looks great! Hoping to see the finished product today.
-Tracy Hansen

realloveis4ever8 said...

Is Prince still avaible?
If so can you please e-mail me at

I'd like to come see him.
Thanks, Mallory Adams

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