Monday, October 12, 2009

Who LOOOOOVES Puppies??

Hey Everyone!

I know this is a little off topic, but I know of two puppies (Jack Russels??) that DESPERATELY need a home. The girl who is taking care of them saw a man throw them out his car window then drive away fast, so she picked them up and has been doing a great job taking care of them (getting rid of fleas, etc...). She is in college, though, so she CAN'T keep them! We are trying to help her find home for them ASAP!! Let me know if you are interested in taking one (or both) or them. There is a male and a female... they are about 8 weeks old, and are assu
med to be brother and sister! Here is a picture of them!

Happy Trails!


"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Precious babies. Will she call them Freeway and Highway? I hope they find homes. many years ago, one of my dogs was named Freeway, I bet you can guess why. <:O]

Sage said...

I love jack russels, having been owned by them for over 30 years... and it is two since my last went to sleep forever.. wish I was closer they are gorgeous.. hope they get rehomed together...

Jess said...

I may be able to take both of them. Did she give them any shots or dewormer? Is she asking anything as a fee for them?

Last Chance said...

No fee, they just need a home. I don't know about the shots. I think she gave dewormer, though! Call the farm if you want more info!

Last Chance said...

Hey Everyone!
If you are interested in the puppies, you can contact the girl who has them (Katie) at 740-707-4334. She will have them until Friday, then she will have to take them to a shelter!

Last Chance said...

Both of the puppies were adopted by LCC girls! Congrats to them and YAY for the puppies!

PrincezLeah said...

I took the male puppy to foster for a while. He is now ready for his permanent home. He can be crated and is getting really good at waiting to do the potty polka until he is outside. He's very responsive, loyal, can hang with the big dogs and even the horses. I have spoiled him a bit by letting him sleep on the bed with me. However, he will concede to sleeping on the floor next to you. Please call the farm if you are interested in making this little guy a part of your family.