Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Want an OLD Horse

Hey There!
Believe it or not, we need an old, quiet, non-ridable horse. There is a store that keeps a horse for a mascot, and they have had old, retired horses as their main attraction. Their past horse was too young and exuberant for the job, so they need a quiet old timer for the store. The horse will be in the store 5 days a week, then it will be on a farm for the weekend. While in the store, the horse will be fed treats and loved on all day! Here are some pictures of the stall and paddock at the store. This horse will be loved, and this is a great way to provide an alternative to an older, retired horse. If you are looking for a retirement home for your old (think 20+) horse, give us a call! Thanks!

Happy Trail!


corto_por_favor said...

I have an older Thoroughbred mare who is no longer ridable. I'm not looking to sell her, but I would consider loaning her out.

I'm assuming if LCC is posting this then this is a good place?


Last Chance said...

a great place... the horse will be available for adoption when at this place, and they will also be doing some fundraising for us at the store. It is important that any horse that is going to be considered has a calm, friendly personality.

Charlotte said...

I have a Tenessee Walker that I think would be perfect for this. The vet thinks she is in the 15 to 16 year range. She is blind, but is very sweet. She loves to be loved on. She is a very easy keeper. She is always on the plump side. :) We are looking for a loving home where she would be taken care of well. Please email me at

Last Chance said...

We found a horse, thanks!