Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another road trip

There is another little horse at the LieWay Hunt Club in Toledo that will be coming to the LCC tomorrow. Robert Wayner and the Hunt Club have been very big supporters and donors of the LCC, and we are happy to be able to help them out. More about the horse when he arrives - he is a small TB, extremely quiet, but will be a walk/trot horse only.

So far, the girls have settled in very well. Allie is very attached to Lacey, we can't decide yet if Lacey returns the sentiment! Lacey is a ball of wild energy - she is fit as a fiddle, there isn't an ounce of fat on her, and she is looooving being turned out with someone else. She is as quick and agile as they come - a superb reining prospect. Allie is a cute mover and she is a very nice size. I look forward to getting on them both and seeing how they go under saddle.

The boys have finally gotten to go back out in their big paddock! No more saving the footing for parking. They were SO EXCITED to be back out where they have room to run and harrass each other to no end. Whoohoo for them!! They were playing the halter game like nobody's business. Otis is so cute, he was in yesterday and after a day in his stall, that old Thoroughbred is the rowdiest of them all. He will run around and back up to everyone, trying to get them to chase him. Plus he LOOOOVES the mud. What goobers!!!!

Isaac came back to us yesterday. Isaac was purchased at Sugarcreek for $10 last December. We didn't exactly realize he was a stud when we purchased him, but man, he has been the million dollar horse! He is in his late teens, and quiet as a kitten. He was a school horse for a few months, but he got too lazy for that, so he was returned a month or two ago. Our vet's wife adopted him as a trail horse, but they have two very old, frail horses and they were concerned that he was pushing them around too much. So he's back! And we're happy to welcome him. He would be SUCH a cute little Christmas gift for a kid. When we purchased him, he was very skinny. Seeing him now, it is hard to believe that he was ever skinny - and even harder to imagine what the heck people must have done to him to MAKE him so skinny! He is TUBBY, and he hasn't even been getting any grain. Time for an exercise program... ha, ha. He is 14.3, built like a little tank, and has the kyoot-est face ever....

Tracy's wedding was absolutely beautiful. Much more relaxed for us LCC folks than the Xmas party last week! It was a very casual affair, Leah and Stacy's boyfriend Tucker played guitar and banjo, and sang. The altar was our lit foal gate. Victoria wrote a beautiful sermon, best friends offered toasts, and there was delicious food everywhere you looked! And I decorated my first cake EVER, and it looked pretty darn respectable, if I may say so myself. ; ) We had a ball, and Tracy and Roger were a wonderful, happy couple. Laura Woolf even came to photograph - pics to come soon!

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